Illinois Constitution Study Guide – 8th grade

Why does each state have a constitution?
The U.S. Constitution told each state it must set up its own of government and write its own constitution

What year did Illinois become a state?

What year was the current Constitution adopted and ratified in?

What was Illinois’ first capitol?

What was Illinois’ second capitol?

What was Illinois’ third capitol? (the current capitol now)

How many articles are in the Illinois Constitution?

Is the preamble to the Illinois constitution short or long?

What is Article 1?
The Bill of rights

What is freedom of religion? (Article 1)
citizens are allowed to believe in any religion they want to, but it cannot be harmful to others. (Example: Human Sacrifice)

What is the right to petition? (Article 1)
the right to write to government and or ask them questions

What is the right to arms? (Article 1)
You can own guns, as long as you dont abuse them

What is freedom of self-incrimination? (Article 1) (the right to remain silent)
giving evidence against yourself to the police or in court –

Article 1 forbids discrimination on the basis of……………… What is ? (Article 1)
sex, mental handicap and physical handicap

What is eminent domain? (Article 1)
allows the government to purchase private property for public use.

Name the right: A piece of land is needed to make a highway or a bridge to be used by all the people, and the state has the right to buy the land for a fair price even if the owner does not want to sell the land. (Article 1)
Eminent Domain

Article 2 divides the state government into 3 branches, what are those branches? (Article 2 – the power of the state)
Legislative, Executive, and Judicial.

What does the Legislative Branch do? (Article 2 – the power of the state)
makes the laws

What does the executive branch do? (Article 2 – the power of the state)
carries out the laws

what does the judicial branch do? (Article 2 – the power of the state)
settles disputes over the laws

What are the requirement to vote in the state of Illinois? (Article 3 – Suffrage and Elections)
U.S. Citizen, 18 years old, and a resident of the state 30 days before election, properly registered.

What is another name for the Legislature Branch? (Article 4 – the legislature)
General Assembly

The General Assembly is divided up into how many houses? What are those houses called? (Article 4 – the legislature)
2 houses. The senate and the House Of Representatives

How many different legislative districts is Illinois divided into? (Article 4 – the legislature)

Each legislative district is divided into how many representative districts? (Article 4 – the legislature)

Your legislative and representative district depends on where you live. Riverside is cut up into how many different sections? (Article 4 – the legislature)

Each district elects one senator, 2 representatives, so there are how many state senators in General Assembly? (Article 4 – the legislature)

How many representatives in the General Assembly? (Article 4 – the legislature)

What are the requirements to be elected to General Assembly? (Article 4 – the legislature)
US Citizen, 21 years old, and resident of district to be represented for at least two years.

How often are members of the General Assembly elected? (Article 4 – the legislature)
Every 2 years

What is the term of office for a senator? (Article 4 – the legislature)
4 years

What is the term of office for a representative? (Article 4 – the legislature)
2 years

What is the job for the General Assembly? (Article 4 – the legislature)
Make laws

What is a proposed law called? (Article 4 – the legislature)
A bill

Where does a bill begin? (Article 4 – the legislature)
either in Senate or House of Representatives

The bill must be passed by a majority of both the Senate and the House of Representatives and then must be sent where within 30 days of its passing? (Article 4 – the legislature)
to the Governor

The governor can sign the bill, or veto it. It signed, it becomes a law. If the governor vetoes (rejects) the bill, it cant become a law, unless the General Assembly overrides the governments veto. To override the governor’s veto, what ratio of the members of both the Senate and the House must vote in favor of the bill, and then the bill can become a law. (Article 4 – the legislature)

The people of Illinois elect 6 officials, Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Comptroller, and Treasurer. (Article 5 – The Executive department) (the answer is the number 5)

Requirements to run for one of these offices. (Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Comptroller, and Treasurer) (Article 5 – The Executive department) How long of a term does each official serve?
US citizen, 25 years old, resident of Illinois for 3 years. Eacj official serves a 4 year term

Who is the Current governor? (Article 5 – The Executive department)
Pat Quinn

Duties of Governor : (Article 5 – The Executive department)
See that the passed laws by General Assembly are carried out
Make annual report to General Assembly, proposes a budget for the state, and signs or vetoes bills passed by General Assembly
The govenor nominates state officials, but they have to be approved by state Senate

The governor has similar powers to the president. One difference is the power the Governor has to veto or reduce items of appropriation bills (bills which spend money). What kind of veto is this called? What does it do?
Line item veto. The governor can eliminate certain items from the bill but approve the rest of the bill. The president cannot do this; the President can only approve or veto the entire bill.

Who is the current Lieutenant Governor? What does the Lieutenant Governor do?
(Article 5 – The Executive department)
Sheila Simon. They preform any duties assigned by the Governor, and if the Governor suddenly dies or cannot serve, they become the Governor.

WHo is the current Attorney General?
What does the Attorney General do?
(Article 5 – The Executive department)
Lisa Madigan. They are the chief legal officer in Illinois, represents the state, state agencies, and state officials in court. They are the chief law enforcement officer in Illinois.

Who is the current Secretary of State?
What does the Secretary of state do?
(Article 5 – The Executive department)
Jesse White. They keep the official records of the General Assembly and the executive branch. Licenses drivers and keeps drivers’ records, issues vehicle plates and titles, and registers corporations.

Who is the current Comptroller?
What does the Comptroller do?
(Article 5 – The Executive department)
Judy Baar Topinka. They are the chief fiscal officers in the state. They review all the bills and payments, pays the states’ bills, keeps records, and helps set financial policies for the state.

Who is the current treasurer?
What does the Treasurer do?
(Article 5 – The Executive department)
Dan Rutherford. They act as the states banker, keeping and investing money that the state receives through taxes

Sets up court systems of Illinois. There are 3 types of courts in Illinois, what are all the names of the courts? (Article 6 – The Judicial Department)
Lowest – Circuit, Middle – Appellate, highest – Supreme

What are the roles of the courts? (Article 6 – The Judicial Department)
To settle disputes and interpret laws.

What are the requirements to be a judge? (Article 6 – The Judicial Department)
You have to be a lawyer, US Citizen, resident of the district or circuit.

The Illinois Supreme Court – how many judges ( sometimes called Justices), what is their term length? (Article 6 – The Judicial Department)
7 Judges, also called justices. They are elected for 10 year terms.

Appellate Courts – How many districts is Illinois divided up into, how many judges are elected, and how long is their term? (Article 6 – The Judicial Department)
5 districts, 54 judges, and 10 year term

Circuit Courts – How many courts is Illinois divided up into, how many Circuit and Associate Judges are there, how long is a circuit judges terms? (Each circuit has a chief circuit judge, other circuit judges, and associate judges. (Article 6 – The Judicial Department) Also, how long is an associate judges term? ( Associate judges are appointed by the circuit judges and serve terms of 4 years)
24, 865, 6 years, and 4 years

What is another word for cities, villages, and incorporated towns? (Article 7 – Local Government)

What county in Illinois is the only county to have an executive form of government? That means that this county has a president. (Article 7 – Local Government)
Cook County

This states that public money and property can only be used for public purposes. Article 8 explains how public funds are supposed to be budgeted, spent and audited. What does audit mean?(Article 8 – Finance)
It is an examination of official records.

Article 9 explains how the state can collect money from the people through taxes on property, income and sales. Illinois has a what kind of tax, which means all residents pay the same percentage in state taxes. What branch is the only branch that can tax you?(article 9 – Revenue)
The General Assembly

Article 10 provides free public education for all Illinois residents through high school. Who is responsible for making sure all residents receive a free public education? (Article 10 – Education)
The state

Article 11 gives what branch the power to institute a healthy environment for Illinois residents? (Article 11 – Environment)
General Assembly

Article 12 allows what branch the power to form a state militia? (article 12 – Militia)
General Assembly

Who is the commander in chief of the state militia? (article 12 – militia)
The Governor

Article 13 gives several rules for persons running or holding office. It also states that public transportation is an essential public service, which what branch can spend public money on? (article 13 – General Provisions)
General Assembly

Article 14 states that when we make changes to the constitution, the amendments to the constitution may be proposed by the people in these parties/branches of government. (article 14 – Constitutional Revision)
A constitutional convention or the General Assembly

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