Idioms with Verb to Be Essay Example
Idioms with Verb to Be Essay Example

Idioms with Verb to Be Essay Example

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  1. To be off: significa estar libre o irse.
    Fortunately, I’m off today, so i don’t have to work
  2. Be all ears: significa ser todo oido
    When the lady raised her hand to participate during the class, I told her that I was all ears, so she could start talking.
  3.  To be broke: estar palmado (sin dinero)
    My girlfriend invited me to go to a party last night, but I was broke therefore I had to refuse the invitation.
  4. To be of service to someone: estar al servicio de alguien
    If I can be of service to you, sir please, let me know
  5. To be on someone’s tail: pizarle los talons a alguien.
    I was so scared when I was driving along the main highway because I felt there was someone on my tail.
  6. To be slow on

    the uptake: ser algo torpe
    My friend is a bit slow on the uptake because I asked him what he did last night with the girl he went out with and he replied that she got undressed, but he could not do anything because he is virgin.

  7. To be knee-high to a grasshopper: ser un renacuajo
    I was laughing at my co-worker this morning because he was not able to get on the roller coaster because he is just knee-high to a grasshopper.
  8. To be home free: estar libre despues de terminar la parte mas dificil de algo. Once you finish moping the floor, you will be home free because dusting the couches is really fast to be done.
  9. To be a piece of cake: ser facil. The teacher said that the final exam was going to be really difficult, but it was reall
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  • To be a pain in the neck: ser fastidioso. My classmate is always asking me for homeworks, interrupting me when I pay attention, she is just a pain in the neck.
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