“Icarus” by Edward Field Essay Example
“Icarus” by Edward Field Essay Example

“Icarus” by Edward Field Essay Example

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“Icarus” by Edward Field is about a immature adult male named Icarus Hicks who experiences torment while life in the human universe. but efforts to wing once more. The original Greek myth of Icarus provinces that Daedalus. male parent of Icarus. made wings out of plumes and wax to get away from the Labyrinth ( a composite labyrinth he built ) . After building the wings. Daedalus warned Icarus non to wing excessively near to the Sun ; nevertheless. Icarus disregarded his warning and flew near to the Sun. runing the wax. Icarus plummeted into the H2O where he drowned to decease. The verse form. “Icarus” exhibits how Icarus did non really drown but swam to a metropolis where he began to populate a human life. Mentions to the myth include. “compelled by the sun” ( line 14 )


and “thought himself a hero” ( 26 ) . Icarus is depicted as remorseful of his actions and wants he had drowned alternatively.

“Icarus” includes a figure of literary devices. such as initial rhyme. In line 1. Field writes “feathers floating” and in line 3. “police preferred. ” In the 3rd stanza. there is “curtains carefully” ( line 22 ) and “hates himself” ( line 25 ) . Field besides describes the scene. the human universe. as dull and mundane for illustration in line 11 Icarus is have oning a “gray. respectable suit. ” The tone in the verse form is glooming and dejected as represented in line 13 with “sad. defeated eyes. ” Imagery is perceived in line 1 “feathers drifting around the hat” and line 24-25. “tries to wing to the lighting fixture on th

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ceiling. ”

In the verse form “Icarus” by Edward Field. the chief supporter. Icarus. is fighting to set to the human universe and can non allow travel of his yesteryear. The intent of the verse form was to touch to the Greek myth of Icarus and show how greed may take to a life-time of sorrow and sorrow. Field portrays Icarus’ heartache through his day-to-day life in the modern universe.

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