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A person’s ability to reproduce

The fertilization of an ovum by a sperm

The methods of preventing conception

A viable egg
A viable sperm
Access to the egg by the sperm
Which of the following conditions are necessary for conception?

perfect-use failure rate
is the number of pregnancies (per 100 users) that are likely to occur in the first year of use of a particular birth control method if the method is used consistently and correctly.

typical-use failure rate
is the number of pregnancies (per 100 users) that are likely to occur in the first year of use of a particular birth control method if the method’s use is not consistent or always correct (going to be higher**)

how many pounds does a premature baby weigh?

38 weeks
how long is a normal pregnancy?

condom and birth control
what are the two top reported means of contraception for college students?

barrier methods
are contraceptive methods that block the meeting of egg and sperm by means of a physical barrier, a chemical barrier, or both

hormonal method
a method that depend on the use of synthetic estrogen and/or progesterone.

The male condom
The female condom
Jellies, creams, foams, suppositories, and film
The diaphragm
The cervical cap
The sponge
what are some barrier method examples?

Oral contraceptives
Progestin-only pills
Contraceptive skin patch
Vaginal contraceptive ring
Contraceptive injections
Contraceptive implants
what are some hormonal method examples?

oral contraceptives
are pills containing synthetic hormones that prevent ovulation by regulating hormones. They can be up to 99 percent effective with perfect use.

Progestin-only pills
(minipills) contain only progesterone and progestin, no estrogen.

Today, oral contraceptives are the most commonly used birth control method among college women (T/F)

Ortho Evra
is a patch that releases hormones similar to those in oral contraceptives. Each patch is worn for one week. It is 99.7 percent effective with perfect use

Nuva Ring
-contains both progestin and estrogen and is inserted into the vagina for three weeks.
-It is 99.7 percent effective with perfect use.
-also exposes the user to a lower dosage of estrogen than the patch and some combination pills, so it may have fewer estrogen-related side effects.

is an injectable method of birth control that lasts for 3 months

is a single-rod implantable contraceptive that is inserted into the skin on the inner side of a woman’s upper underarm.
It releases a low, steady dose of progestin for up to three years, suppressing ovulation during that time.

An intrauterine device
(IUD) is a device, often T-shaped, that is implanted in the uterus to prevent pregnancy.

intrauterine devices
these are examples of what?
ParaGard, Mirena, and Skyla

Emergency contraceptive pills
are drugs taken within three days after unprotected intercourse in order to prevent fertilization or implantation.
ex: plan B

A method of contraception that involves withdrawing the penis from the vagina just before ejaculation

means deliberately avoiding intercourse

Outer course
Oral-genital sex and mutual masturbation are referred to as ..?

tubal ligation
is a form of sterilization that involves the cutting and tying off or cauterization of the fallopian tubes.

is the surgical removal of the fallopian tubes and sometimes also the ovaries and uterus.

is a form of sterilization that involves the cutting and tying off of both vasa deferentia.

is the inability to conceive after a year or more of trying

if you are going to use spermicide alone, what is the best one to use?

does spermicide need a prescription?

yes, true
A diaphragm and cap must be used with a spermicide or jelly. T/F

TSS – Toxic Shock Syndrome
this is caused by a sponge or tampon staying in the body too long

What is synthetic proestrogen?

Progestin and estrogen
what hormones does a combination pill contain? this is also the most commone form, 97%-100% effective.

1. it should not be expired
2. it should be latex
3. it should be lubricated & reservoir tip
what are the 3 rules for buying condoms?

in a cool, dry place
how should condoms be stored?

headaches are side effects of what hormone?

weight gain is a side effect of what hormone?

minipills hormone?

estrogen and progestin
orthovera/the patch hormone?

the butt, abdomen, upper torso, and upper arm
where is the patch or orthovera worn?

estrogen and progestin
vaginal contraceptive ring ( Rx) hormone?

progestin. one shot is goof for 3 months
depo-vera shot hormone ?

Implanon ( contraceptive implants) hormone?

progestin only
emergency contraceptive hormone?

what is the abortion pill not available in the U.S.?

– cervical mucous
– bbt (basal body thermometer)
– calendar method
what are 3 fertility awareness methods?

fewer than 8 weeks
when do most women have an abortion?

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