HR1 CH 1

a single datebase to sync mutiple unrelated functions or systems
User Guide
is included in the Help feature of PrimeSUITE and allows office staff to search for assistance in using the software
care provider
person, usually a physician, who performs healthcare services requiring specialized education and training
the first face-to-face step in the patient encounter
electronic submission
filing of a healthcare claim using a computer rather than a paper
encounter form
a form generated at the completion of an office visit, a portion of which details the patient’s diagnosis, procedures and services performed, and charge for each procedure/service
point of care
specialized computer software that performs administrative and billing procedures in medical offices
pratice management software
procedures that take place at the time of care, rather than at a remote location or at a point in time after care is complete
speech recognition
technology that digitally transcribes spoken words
documented patient information such as age, sex, and race
1).EHR/EMR software is more comprehensive than pratice management software because it:
C.) includes clinical documentation
D.)all of the above
3.)A patient is entered in the patient list:
4.)In the long term, costs will___ when transitioning to an electronic health record system.
5.)The process of moving a patient from appointment making through check-out is called:
C.)patient flow
6.)Clinical documentation of a patient’s visit know as the:
B.)progress note
7.) An encounter form is also know as a/an:
8.) The___is a form used to bill inpatient claims.
9.) One factor that might contribute to slow acceptance of EHRs is:
A.)security fears
10.)PrimeSUITE’s User Guide is accessed through the__ feature.
11.)The____ is an example of clinical information that is collected through an EHR.
B.)plan of care
12.)____ is not easily attained when using a manual record system.
1.) List the steps included in patient flow of information.
1.Appoinment scheduling, 2.front desk/check in, 3.nursing clinical support, provider, 5.check-out desk, office/billing, 7.clinical staff/Care Provider
2.)Discuss three advantages to electronic health records as discussed in the text.
Interoperability information can be shared more easily, efficient, and information can be shared.
3.)What is practice management software?
its a software like computer programs that carry out functions and operations
4.) What feature of PrimeSUITE allows practitioners to acess clinical trials and other research?
5.)If you needed to use PrimeSUITE’s Help feature to look up how to register a patient, how would you do it?
You click help and it opens the user guide. Search a topic by using the index or glossary
6.)What is the first step in the patient flow of information?
an appoinment is made
7.)What is the CMS-1500 form?
its a form generated after each visit that contains patient, insurance information and ICD-9 CM and CPT codes.
8.)Mobile EHR applications are currently available on what mobile dives?
PDA’s, Ipads, Iphone, Ipod touch
9.)Define interoperability and give an example of how it might be used in the healthcare field
it means that through a single database many different functions can take place and information can be shared. It can be used by prescribing of medications.
10.)List three advantages of ePrescribing
When a physician submits a prescription electronically instead of paper. It will give an accurate and permanent record and the prescription is going to be ready to be picked up when the patient arrives.
11.)What is electronic claims submission? Why is this the preferred method of claims submission?
its the information is sent by wire to a clearing house. Its preferred billing method because it can cut down on billing errors on processing time which can result in a faster payment.
12.)List at least three main applications found in the typical pratice management program
Complete a Billing Claim Form for Each Visit , Scheduling Appointments, Entering Each Patient Seen into a Master List
What is the final step in the Front Desk/Check-In process?
Start Patient Tracking, Patient Tracking Automated/Manual Start
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