Hospitality marketing quiz 5 chpt 13-15

The ________________ department should be trained to make inquiries of guests representing companies to find out if more business exists from those companies.
* reservations
* housekeeping
* front desk
* accounting
Goods offered either free or at low cost as an incentive to buy a product are called:
* premium
* promotional materials
* samples
* none of the above
The type of message appeal that relates to an audience’s self-interest is:
* emotional
* rational
* economic
* moral
Which of the following is not an example of a hotel customer’s negotiation strengths?
* stay high-occupancy nights
* provide cross purchase potential
* bring quality guests
* provide too many guests
stay high-occupancy nights
scheduling ads evenly within a given period is called:
* pacing
* balancing
* continuity
* none of the above
________________ responsibility increases the sales representative’s incentive to cultivate local business and personal ties.
* social
* structural
* departmental
* territorial
Short-term incentives to encourage the purchase or sale of a product or service are called:
* sales promotions
* advertisements
* PR blasts
* media promotions
sales promotions
Marketers are losing confidence in television advertising because:
* Viewers are watching TV on DVRs
* Viewers are heading back to the theaters
* Viewers are not watching as much TV anymore
* Viewers are mostly watching online videos
Viewers are watching TV on DVRs
When a salesperson calls on a customer simply to build goodwill, he or she is playing the part of a:
* technician
* deliverer
* missionary
* Demand creator
Demand creator
The ________ method of promotion budgeting views sales as the cause of promotion rather than as the result.
* affordable
* percentage of sales
* competitive parity
* objective and task
percentage of sales
________ are goods offered at a low price to encourage the purchase of other goods.
* samples
* point-of-purchase promotions
* premiums
* patronage rewards
Salespeople write up their completed activities on:
* call reports
* sales quota reports
* expense reports
* work plans
call reports
The best measure used in evaluating the success of public relations is to:
* Count the number of media exposures
* Conduct surveys of buyer awareness
* Determine the effect on sales and profit
* Consider its direct impact to the consumer
Determine the effect on sales and profit
Which of the following major media types has high audience selectivity?
* radio
* television
* magazines
* newspapers
____________________ advertising is used for mature products.
* informational
* reminder
* follow-up
* content-based
Which of the following is a DON’T for a crisis communication?
* advise employees of their roles
* speak truthfully and authoritatively
* wait for the crisis to design a plan
* keep guests informed
wait for the crisis to design a plan
Unplanned static or distortion during the communication process, which results in the receiver getting a message different from the one the sender sent, is called:
* excessive feedback
* loss of signal quality
* echo
* noise
As many as ________ percent of TV viewers may be regularly tuning out commercials.
* 60
* 50
* 40
* 30
Standards stating the amount that a salesperson should sell are called:
* Performance measures
* Sales quotas
* profit goals
* incentive programs
Sales quotas
________ covers internal and external communications and promotes understanding of the organization.
* counseling
* news
* corporate communication
* lobbying
corporate communication
A form of marketing whereby marketers and webmasters use a range of techniques to ensure that their webpage appears in a favorable location in search engine results pages is called:
* Online marketing
* Website marketing
* Web Placement Marketing (WPM)
* Search engine marketing
Search engine marketing
All of the following are objectives of the sales promotion process except:
* Increasing short-term sales
* Luring customers away from the competition
* Reducing bad publicity
* Enticing customers to try a new product
Reducing bad publicity
Certificates that offer buyers savings when they purchase specified products are commonly known as:
* coupons
* promotional discount postcards
* gift cards
* gift certificates
When hospitality firms market to consumer markets, the least used element of the promotion mix is:
* personal selling
* sales promotions
* advertising
* public relations
personal selling
Advising management about public issues and company positions and image is called:
* media guidance
* counseling
* public relations
* media selection
Which of the following is not a good measure of sales volume within the hospitality industry?
* occupancy
* total covers
* passenger miles
* inventory
________ are certificates that offer buyers savings when they purchase specific products.
* premiums
* samples
* coupons
* flyers
Sales representatives deciding how to allocate their scarce time among prospects and customers is known as:
* selling
* servicing
* prospecting
* targeting
________ crises give a warning before they occur.
* sudden
* smoldering
* superficial
* sensitive
Which of the following is NOT an influence strategy used by salespeople during presentations?
* expertise
* ingratiation
* negotiation
* impression
Which of the following is not an example of direct marketing?
* online marketing
* mail
* TV advertisement
* catalogs
TV advertisement
Which of the following is not a PR technique?
* community relations
* publications
* telephone
* news events
Which of the following is not a way to structure a sales organization?
* Employee-based
* Market-segment based
* Product-based
* Customer-based
Which of the following is not a key indicator of sales performance?
* OTA reservation percentage
* Number of lost customers per period
* Entertainment cost per sales call
* Average sales calls per salesperson per day
OTA reservation percentage
The two common approaches used to determine appropriate competitive set or cluster for a hotel are:
* Occupancy and RevPAR
* ADR and RevPAR
* ADR and Product Type
* ADR and Occupancy
ADR and Product Type
During crisis communication, if some information has been reported incorrectly, then the company should:
* Not interfere and let the media do its work
* Advise the concerned reporter(s) about the inaccuracy
* Keep quiet to avoid getting the blame
* Correct the reporter(s) only if it favors the company
Not interfere and let the media do its work
If one sales team concentrates on the association business while another team concentrates on the corporate market, a ________ sales force is being used.
* Market-channel-structured
* Territorial-structured
* Customer-structured
* Market-segment-structured
PR costs ________________ direct mail and media advertising.
* mostly more than
* more than
* less than
* more or less same as
less than
In the buyer readiness process, the state that immediately precedes purchase is:
* conviction
* liking
* preference
* knowledge
In preparing for crisis communication, it is important to train employees regularly and document such training for:
* the sake of clarity
* record and tracking purposes
* legal purposes
* organizational reasons
legal purposes
Which of the following is not an example of a sales promotion?
* contests
* personal selling
* cents-off deals
* coupon
personal selling
which of following is not part of the inside sales force?
* technical support
* sales agents
* telemarketers
* sales assistants
sales agents
Lobbying involves dealing with legislators and government officials to _____________ legislation and regulation.
* defeat
* promote and defeat
* promote
* promote or defeat
promote or defeat
________ advertising is used when introducing a new product.
* suggestive
* persuasive
* reminder
* informative
The first stage of the promotion process is:
* Selecting the communication channels
* Determining the communication objectives
* Identifying the target audience
* Selecting the message source
Identifying the target audience
The four pillars of the AIDA model of communication design are:
* Attention, Inclination, Designation, Action
* Attention, Inclination, Desire, Action
* Attention, Interest, Designation, Action
* Attention, Interest, Desire, Action
Attention, Interest, Desire, Action
Cause-related marketing is directly used to create:
* awareness
* goodwill
* sales
* satisfaction
when sales representatives find and cultivate new customers, it is called:
* targeting
* selling
* prospecting
* servicing
PR stands for:
* Permanent relations
* Public relations
* Press relations
* Passive relations
Public relations
A basic model of motivating sales representatives is:
* effort->motivation->performance->rewards->satisfaction
* effort->motivation->performance->satisfaction->rewards
* motivation->effort->performance->rewards->satisfaction
* motivation->effort->performance->satisfaction->rewards

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