Hospitality and Restaurant Management

Cross Functional
Which type of team consists of leaders coming together from different departments to docus on solving the operations issues?
Share communication such as reports and progress updates
What is the purpose of an information meeting?
Creates challenges
As opposed to a manager, an effective leader does what?
Is the action or behavior legal and harmless?
What question should a manager ask to determine if a proposal decision or action is ethical?
Communicate effectively and help others stay focused on the goal
What will team members with good interpersonal skills do?
What is the phase in which relationships become more cohesive and trusting?
The job description and standards
When disciplining or terminating an employee for poor performance a manager should judge the employees performance compared to what?
The Fair Labor Standards Act puts legal constraints on employees if they are under what age?
Competitive bids
Requesting prices for items of the same quality from a specified number of vendors to determine cost analysis is an example of what?
Might exceed payroll dollars
Why should scheduling employees for overtime be avoided?
Family and Medical Leave Act
Which federal law provides eligible employees and extended amount of time off for health and personal reasons?
Team building, information and project
Throughout the life of a project, effective teams contribute to the achievement of which three types of goals?
Union agreements and compliance with the law
When creating progressive discipline procedures, managers should consider what?
The individual who has the responsibility to keep a meeting focused and moving toward its objective is known as what?
Staff positions are assigned roles and responsibilities
An effective crisis or emergency action plan works best when…?
Introduction, body and conclusion
What are the three parts that comprise the structure of a written message?
By the Nature of the crisis
How is the best person to respond to media interviews during a crisis determined?
Block off the calendar the heaviest volume weeks during the year
What should a manager do before granting vacation requests?
Laissez faire
A manager who allows a subcontractor to do a specialized task is practicing what management style?
Performance review cycle/performance appraisal
What is the scheduling of regular meetings for the purpose of reviewing an employees job performance and wage rate called?
Developing strategic vision and long range plans for the operation
What would be considered a leadership activity as opposed to a management activity?
What should management avoid to ensure a positive and respectful workplace environment?
Rephrase the speakers message to ensure understanding
What will an effective listener often do?
Approved operating budget
Determining labor cost for an operation requires what?
What is the process of having a neutral third party facilitate a discussion of difficult issues and making suggestions about an agreement?
Cross functional
Management is taking a team approach in developing ways to improve guest satisfaction, which includes product quality and service experience. Which type of team should they use?
What type of communication typically involves only a few people in close proximity to each other and provides immediate feedback?
Contingency planning
A major event is coming to town this weekend. A list has been made of those employees who are scheduled off but they have indicated they would be available to come in if needed. What is this an example of?
Time management
What is writing a daily plan that lists activities to be accomplished and prioritizing those activities is part of what?
Probationary period
A specific time period during which an employee must consistently meet job standards as a condition for continued employment is know as what?
Posting drawings of primary and alternate routes to building exits
What should an evacuation plan include?
Standard operating procedure
A written description or list of steps that tells employees how to correctly do a job is called a what?
Debrief meeting
Once a team has met its objectives it should evaluate all aspects of the project in a what?
Two chain restaurants are opening across the street: this increased competition is considered what?
Written assessment and timeline of professional goals
What should a well designed professional development plan contain?
Controllable cost
What are hourly wages, including related salary; tips and bonuses considered?
Employees degree of authority
What is it important to establish when an employee is delegated a project?
Performance stabdas
Which tool can a manager use to best measure the quality and quantity of an employees work?
How a message will be communicated is called the message ______ ?
One part of the overall employee development process
What is a performance appraisal?
Conduct pre-shift info meeting with incoming servers in a quiet area
What is the best way to communicate with serving staff about special details for a large event?
Gather as many ideas as possivlw
What is brainstorming as a team strategy designed to do?
How a meeting will be conducted
Ground rules are procedures designed to address what?
Pay ranges
Local and regional pay studies help managers to establish what?
When 2 or more employees need a third party to listen, review the facts, and settle a conflict they would utilize what?
What does the M of smart goals stand for?
Problem, Actions agreed upon and the date for follow up
In a progressive discipline report, the manager should record the date of the incident, the names of those involved and…?
Cross training employees
While maintaining an adequate staff of employees hired and trained for specific positions, a manager can create flexibility in scheduling by?
The decisions made concerning each agenda item
Which information should be included in the minutes if any type of meeting?
Hood fire
What event is an example of a preventable crisis?
Weekly sales are $70,000 and the payroll standard is 25%, what is the total amount of labor dollars spent per week?
Who makes up the internal audience for an operation?
Spending and receiving information via speech, gestures, or writing is commonly referred to as?
Defining the problem
What is the first step of the problem solving model?
What is a standard by which something can be measured or judged?
Different levels of participation
Which conflict can occur when working as part of a team?
Mission statement
What clearly defines an organizations purpose by communicating specific goals to its customers and employees?
Team goal
The manager challenges wait staff to increase total appetizer sales by 10%. What does this help accomplish?
Hours, fair play, and health benefits
Examples of maintenance factors are?
Progressive discipline
When an employee is guilty of a terminable act; what is not necessary?
What statement is “To be a five star restaurant in the eyes of our guests” an example of?
Greater productivity, creativity, and problem solving
What advantages do teams have over individual employees in achieving success?
Grill temperature is calibrates incorrectly
What is the most likely cause of the steaks consistently over cooked across shifts?
Uphold the organizations values
To help ensure that a business decision is ethical. It must?
Insurance and vacation pay are considered part of an employees what?
Voluntary termination
An exceptional employee is moving out of state and has formally resigned. What is this an example of?
Code of ethics
What are written guideline designed to remove the guesswork from determining which behaviors are right or wrong?
Media policy
An operations strategy developed to guide interactions with newspapers, television, and radio reporters about the operations response to an emergency is a?
Quid pro quo
Sexual harassment in the workplace becomes unlawful when there is..?
What is your primary reason for leaving?
An example of an open ended question at an exit interview would be?
Collect evidence and statements from all involved parties
What is an acceptable way for a manager to address harassment reports?
Held over for another meeting
In a meeting, an agenda item that has been tabled will be..?
Maintaining eye contact, avoiding interruption and taking notes are all positive aspects of effective what?
The money laid to an employee on a per week basis that doesn’t depend on the number of hours worked is known as what?
The phrase “integrity: we play bair and do the right thing” is an example of what statement?
Gesturing with hands
What does nonverbal communication include?
Individual performance objectives
Performance measures that focus on an employees contribution are called what?
Defining goals, deciding how to achieve them, and developing how to achieve them, and developing ways to get the work done are principles of which management activity?
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