Honors History Unit Test 1

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Which of the following was a factor that stimulated English migration to the New World?
Religious freedom, democratic self government, and to settle
Unlike Virginia, Maryland was established:
In 1632 by King Charles, as a place run by English govt.
The founder of Georgia colony was:
James Oglethrope, 1733
Jonathan Edwards was:
A reverend who initiated Great Awakening
Harvard and Yale college were established primarily to:
Promote doctrines of a particular religious sect/Give candidates to the ministry a proper education
Which of the following documents would be most useful in examining the origins of constitutional government in colonial America?
Which of the following did colonies lack?
Religious tolerance, not much land or trade
The first religious development to have an impact throughout all of colonial America was:
Protestant Revolt or Great Awakening
Middle colonies were distinguished for:
Trading, natural resources, governors (run by english govt.-virginia company)
Factors that formed New England Confederation?
Threat of attack from dutch, french and natives (was a military alliance)
What colonies required towns with fifty families to support school?
New England colonies: rhode island, connecticut, new hampshire, plymouth, mass bay
Wealthiest people in pre-revolutionary america were:
polititions (govenors) supported by king
colonial cities functioned primarily as:
early colonies (jamestown, plymouth, boston) were founded by:
joint state company and religion
the mayflower compact was
a document that established powers and duties of government (early form of self govt)
The colony not founded for religious reasons was:
What best describes attitude of 17th century puritans toward religious liberty?
they were intolerant, banning dissidents
In the 18th century, colonial virginia and colonial mass were most allike in that…
north american colonies took advantage of britian’s policy of salutary neglect to:
in the 17th century, which of the following was true in british north america?
laws that discriminated slaves
Great Awakening had all of the following consequences:
affect of religious practice and on colonial politics, sinners confessed, ministers lost authority
Bacon’s rebellion revealed conflict between:
government and people (rebellion against berkley’s govt)
Which of the following was true of the great awakening?
the trial of peter zenger in new york established:
he was a NY editor who criticized colonial govt and encoured others to do same
which of the following describes how europeans treated native americans in 1500’s and 1600’s?
Spanish: Intermarried/Conquered French: No threat- traded and got along well (allies) English: Started out well, but had no respect and looked at natives as \”inferiors\”
Puritans who settled in mass bay wanted settlement to primarily be:
wanted freedom from king, but still puritan (in england they were being persecuted)
Delay in founding of english settlements in americas was result of:
henry VII’s switch out of church, shipping battles/attacks w/ spanin
goal of mercantilism in 17th and 18th centuries was:
regulated trade and production so as to become self-sufficient
Which of the following was important factor behind european exploration/settlement in 16th century?
trade, religion, expanding govt.
Settlers who established the british colony in VA during 17th century was seeking to:
make $ w/ VA trade company and stregnthen economy
Acts of trade and navigation had all of the following consequences in the colonies:
better economy, more resources
Of estimated 11 million African slaves carried to America, majority were sent to
South Carolina and Georgia
Plymouth Colony was ultimatley absorbed by which colony?
Mass Bay Colony

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