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When Charles became Holy Roman Emperor as Charles V his territory grew to include parts of Italy, Austria, and various German states.
Charles V gave up his thrones in 1556 because he was frustrated by failure in Europe.
Which is true of the Spanish Armada?It was organized by Philip II and was a navy that was defeated by Elizabeth I and England
King Philip decided to invade England in order tostop the stealing and return England to the Catholic Church
Most of King Philip II's financial success came fromgold and silver from the Americas
Which of the following was a challenge to the French monarchy's philosophy of "one king, one law, one religion"?the Huguenots
In the Saint Bartholomew's Day Massacrethe Catholic Queen of France ordered the death of Protestants in Paris
Henry IV was able to claim the throne of France because he converted to Catholicism
Louis XIV's greatest ambition was tobuild up the military and expand French territory
What caused the War of the Spanish Succession?Louis XIV's desire to have the Spanish throne for his son
Who was the first czar of Russia Ivan IV
The goal of Peter I was to westernize and transform Russia into a modern state.
The Thirty Years War wasa Protestant rebellion against the Holy Roman Empire fought over power
Absolute monarchs argued that their power must not be challenged becausethey ruled by divine right
The Edict of Nantes was a remarkable document becausepeople were no longer forced to follow the monarch's religion
One goal of Louis XIII was to limit the power of nobles and Huguenots.
Which of the following monarchs is history's best example of an absolute monarchLouis XIV
Which Queen of England did not marry and thus did NOT have an heir to the throne? Queen Elizabeth I
What caused the English Civil War? Charles I's decision to arrest Puritan leaders in Parliament for treason
All of the following about Oliver Cromwell are true excepthe was in favor of popular entertainment and eliminating religious influence in society
James II of England was soon replaced by William and Mary because… England did not tolerate James II's idea of an Absolute Monarchy
The English Bill of Rights was an important document because it…limited the power of the monarchy
The Thirty Years' War was sparked bythe Holy Roman Emperor's attempt to shut down two Protestant churches.
Catherine the Great continued the ambitions of…Peter the Great
Peter the Great, Catherine the Great, and other Russian Czars after 1613 came from the __________ family.Romanov

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