History Ch 16 Lesson 1

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a lawmaking body
Why did the British decide to tax the 13 colonies?
Because Great Britain was deeply in debt.
How did the colonists feel about the taxation?
They were furious. They did not believe they should be taxed without approval. (No taxation without representation)
an event that causes the death of unresisting or helpless people.
What was the Boston Massacre?
1. Colonists began heckling British soldiers and throwing stones at them.
2. Some soldiers fired into the crowd killing several colonists.
What led the colonists to stage the Boston Tea Party?
1. New laws made the colonists angry.
2. British rule said that all tea had to be bought from only one company.
3. About 60 colonists dressed as Native Americans boarded a tea ship in Boston Harbor and threw the tea overboard case by case.
How did the British government react to the Boston Tea Party?
they closed the port and sent troops to patrol the streets of Boston.
the document written in 1776 that said the American colonies were free and independent states and no longer part of Great Britain.
Declaration of Independence
When was the Declaration of Independence approved?
July 4, 1776
The battle in which Americans had to win their independence from Great Britain that lasted 5 years.
American Revolution
What happened when Great Britain sent over more troops to force the colonists to obey Parliament’s laws.
The colonists decided to declare their independence.
Why did France decide to form an alliance with the Americans?
Americans won the Battle of Saratoga which convinced the French that the Americans could win the war.
What happened after George Washington trapped a British force at Yorktown and forced them to surrender?
the British accepted the United states as an independent nation.
Where did the first revolt take place in the other European colonies (outside of the United States)?
What was the result of the Haitian revolt?
France failed to retake the island and Haiti declared their independence.
Why did the people of Latin America struggle against Spanish rule?
1. They were not allowed self-government
2. Latin American merchants could trade only with Spain
3. They could transport their goods only on Spanish ships.
4. These rules prevented Latin America’s economic growth
5. The Spanish King made all major decisions
Who was Jose Maria Morelos?
A farm worker who studied to become a priest. His army controlled a large part of southern Mexico. Mexicans were afraid because he said he would give all of the land to peasants so he was captured and executed.
Who was Augustin de Iturbide?
An army officer who fought off the Spanish and proclaimed independence for Mexico. Then he made himself the emperor of Mexico.
What inspired the people of Central American to revolt against the Spanish?
They were inspired by Mexico’s struggle for freedom. They threw out the Spanish and joined together to form the United Provinces of Central America.
Who were the leading figures in the South American revolutions?
Simon Bolivar
Jose de San Martin
Bernardo O’Higgins
Why did the American colonists believe they needed to break free of British rule?
1. They wanted self-government
2. They were not seeing any economic growth
3. They were tired of high taxes
Compare the revolutions of the United States and Latin America.
1. Both wanted political freedom
2. Both wanted economic freedom
Contrast the revolutions of the United States and Latin America.
United States declared their independence from Great Britain. France helped to win the war in the late 1700’s.
Latin America declared independence from Spain in the early 1800’s.

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