History about American Slave Solomon Northup Essay Example
History about American Slave Solomon Northup Essay Example

History about American Slave Solomon Northup Essay Example

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  • Published: February 7, 2022
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The history about Solomon Northup was one of the best studies that I developed much interest and I wanted to learn more details during my African American class. This was one of the best lessons I attended. Northup was born a liberated person in Minerva, New York, in 1808. His father who was called Mintus, was initially imposed toward the Northup family from Rhode Island. However, he was later on liberated after his parents migrated to New York. At his young age, Solomon Northup assisted his father with various cultivating tasks on the conduits of upstate New York. He wedded Anne Hampton, and they had three children together. In the year the 1830s, Northup turned out to be locally eminent as a great fiddle-player. In 1841, two men offered Northup liberal wages to join a


voyaging musical appear, however not long after he was acknowledged, they betrayed him and sold him into slavery.

Later on, Solomon Northup was made a slave in the wake of being hijacked when he was at thirty years old. He was mistreated and beaten and was not given the job opportunity as it had been advertised. In the wake of being guaranteed to be offered work in Washington D.C in the year 1841, he was controlled by longing snappy cash and enterprise, he, later on, encountered the harsh truth of subjugation. With the different desires that he had and the trust that he had concerning being offered work and change his lifestyle, things ended up being the direct inverse of the desired. The life that he was introduced to was not quite the same as what could have been made.

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a while of servitude, he came into contact with an outspoken abolitionist from Canada, who sent letters to advise Northup's group of his whereabouts. An official state specialist was sent to Louisiana to recover Northup. After he was liberated, Northup documented capturing charges against the men who had cheated him, yet the protracted trial that took after was eventually dropped on account of legitimate details, and he got no compensation. Little is thought about Northup's life after the trial. However, he is accepted to have died in the year 1863.

Northup joined steam of the blacks who went and worked in different spots in the white minors, as the focal point of American slavery changed from the great creation of rice into the high profitability of sugar and cotton. There were more than a million African Americans that were being transported and tricked into bondage and made to encounter diverse types of hardships that ended up being a test and a limitation on their opportunities. The slave exchange was an important component that was for the most part coordinated to the African Americans and the level of segregation was high. There was no get set out a system that could be taken after to wipe out the high rate of slavery that portrayed the American culture. The general population particularly the blacks had no opportunity to work hard and experience different sorts of segregation.


In summary, the whole group was oppressive in nature, and they were not ready to lead any improvement with the guide of battling for their flexibility. This position made Northup experience the different types of slavery regardless of the hardship. The hardship and

the kinds of life that the slaves were going through was a significant element that made Solomon Northup and other slaves to effectively press forward to look for freedom and liberation from colonialism. Northup was at the forefront to find an appropriate solution that could be adopted. Although the slaves were being mistreated and subjected to a lot of hardships, I can conclude that at the end there was a solution to all that they underwent. I believe that after the awful life, a greater future awaited all the slaves.

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