HG&D Module 9 Quiz

A recent study shows that coparenting is positively linked to
children’s effortful control.

Barton and Alonna just moved in together. They will MOST likely
split up within 5 years.

Fifteen-year-old Katherine is in a long-established simple stepfamily. Which of the following MOST likely describes Katherine’s relationship with her stepparent?
Katherine benefits from the presence of her stepparent.

Which of the following is the main cause for divorce among middle-aged and older adult men?
no obvious problems, just fell out of love

Which of the following is an advantage of having children later (in their 30s)?
Parents are likely to be more mature.

Jeff and Amber demand respect and immediate obedience from their children. They use spanking as a primary form of punishment. Which of Baumrind’s parenting styles do Jeff and Amber employ?

Ron and Sheri lived together for 2 years, became engaged, and then married. Compared to those who do not cohabit, Ron and Sheri are more likely to

On average, adults remarry within _____ year(s) after their divorce.

Which of the following is the main cause for divorce among middle-aged and older adult women?
verbal, physical, or emotional abuse

Chad’s father spends three days a week away from home on business trips and is usually tired and grouchy on the day he returns home. This causes stress in Chad’s

Should parents stay married for the sake of the children?
Sometimes. Parents must weigh the negative effects of divorce against that of an unhappy marriage.

Which of Bronfenbrenner’s systems is MOST heavily influenced by the increasing number of women working outside of the home?

When a parent is uninvolved in the child’s life, Baumrind terms the parenting style

In order to help children deal effectively with divorce, it is important for parents to
maintain as much of what is familiar to the child as possible.

The restrictive, punitive parenting style in which parents exhort the child to follow directions and be respectful is termed by Baumrind as

Jeff’s parents are getting a divorce. What kinds of problems will he most likely suffer?
minor problems—the majority of children in divorced families do not have significant adjustment difficulties

Most couples divorce after _____ years.

Which of the following is by far the MOST common form of child maltreatment?

Bronfenbrenner terms the setting in which the individual lives, such as family, peers, school, and work a(n)

One benefit of everyday adolescent-parent conflict is that it
helps adolescents become more autonomous.

The parenting style that encourages a child to be independent but still places limits and controls on their actions is termed by Baumrind as

An authoritative parenting style is generally preferred for raising well-adjusted children. However, elements of a different parenting style have been shown to protect children from physical danger, lead to high academic achievement, and engender respect and obedience depending on culture. Which parenting style aids these characteristics?

When parents are very involved with their children and place few demands or controls on them, Baumrind terms the parenting style

Being single offers the potential advantage of _____, but the potential disadvantage of _____.
self-reliance; lack of intimacy

Of the following, who is MOST likely to abuse a child?
a parent

Sixty-year-old Wanda has moved in with her 62-year-old friend, Mike. Which of the following is MOST likely true regarding their decision to cohabit?
They more than likely moved in together for companionship rather than for love.

Much of adolescent-parent conflict is born of a need to balance
autonomy and attachment.

The phenomenon in which children and parents learn from each other is termed
reciprocal socialization.

Which parenting style may lead to children who are egocentric, domineering, and noncompliant?

In the United States, cohabiting arrangements
tend to be short-term, with one-third lasting less than one year.

Which of the following statements is true regarding marriage in the United States?
The vast majority of adults will marry at some time in their lifetime.

Lori and Spencer have a loving and supportive marriage. What is a likely indirect result of their satisfied relationship?
sensitive, responsive parenting

When children from divorced homes show problems, the problems are due to which of the following?
1. the child’s personality
2. a child’s difficult temperament
3. the custodial situation

Christie allows her children many freedoms with very few limits and believes their creativity will be enhanced this way. Her children lack self-control and are domineering with peers. Which of Baumrind’s parenting styles does Christie employ?

Which of the following is an advantage of parents having children early (in their 20s)?
1. The mother is likely to have fewer medical problems.
2. Parents will have more physical energy.
3. Parents are less likely to set rigid expectations for their children.

Which of the following is TRUE of marital satisfaction?
Individuals in happy marriages tend to live longer than those in unhappy relationships.

Seventeen-year-old Janey is pregnant. If she marries her boyfriend, there is a 50 percent chance that her marriage will end within _____ years.

The support that parents provide one another in raising a child together is called

Which of Baumrind’s parenting styles is highly demanding and not very responsive?

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