Health – Flashcard

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People with first aid training can provide less assistance to accident victims than people without first aid training.
Consent from the victim is not always needed before providing first aid.
If additional bandages are needed for a severely bleeding wound they should be placed on top of the older bandages.
“Make haste slowly” summarizes the attributes of a rescuer when applying first aid.
The acronym CPR stands for __________.
cardiopulmonary resuscitation
The universal sign for choking is __________.
two hands grasping the neck
Which of the following is the proper order for treating sprains?
apply ice, wrap, elevate, rest
When soil becomes contaminated with __________, children can begin to show health issues.
Toxic waste spills are a direct source of water pollution.
Which of the following is responsible for regulating noise pollution?
state and local authorities

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