Health Class CH 1

Being healthy
is a personal choice that you make every day

which of the following does not describe “wellness”?
the absence of disease or infirmity

looking at health and the individual as a whole, rather than part by part, describes
holistic health

which of the following does not describe a dimension of health
economic financial management

all of the following are essential steps toward maintaining optimal physical health except
taking an aspirin every day

psychological health refers to
emotional and mental states

psychological health gives individuals the ability to do all the following except
diagnose emotional problems

All of the following are essential components of spiritual health except
attending a religious service on a weekly basis

The ability to develop satisfying interpersonal relationships is an example of which component of health?

health promotion would include all of the following except
eliminating all protein from your diet

All of the following are associated with intellectual health except
your mental stability

The impact the world has on your well-being defines
environmental health

Average life expectancy in the United States is

Mortality rates has declined for all the following except

Which of the following is not a goal for healthy people 2020?
create universal health care

Health barriers for minorities are most significant because of

when examining Americans by sex, men
are more likely to have an eating disorder

For college students, the most common impediment to academic performance is

All of the following are ways of keeping healthcare costs down, except
always go to a specialist first

Which of the following would be an example of primary prevention?
encouraging a parent to immunize a child against hepatitis B

Heavy drinking increases the likelihood of
all of the choices

Research on social norms among college students
shows that most students misjudge what their peers are actually doing

Healthy literacy
is the ability to understand health information to make good decisions

College students are most likely to get health information from
their friends and family

Evidence-based medicine
combines the best research evidence with a patient’s personal values

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