Health Chapter 1 Review

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The number of years that a person can expect to live is called
Life expectancy
Describe ways to recognize good physical health, mental health, emotional health, and social health.
You can recognize good physical health by seeing a person’s high energy levels. Mental health can be recognized by a strong sense of purpose. Emotional health can be recognized by seeing a person feeling well in terms of reactions and emotional responses. And social health can be seen by supportive relationships.
List two behaviors that could move you toward wellness on the health continuum.
Two behaviors that could move you toward wellness on the health continuum are choosing not to do drugs and exercising daily.
Which of these factors is part of your social environment?
Do you think that you have more control over risk factors in your environment or behavioral risk factors? Explain.
You have more control over risk factors in behavior. Behavioral risk factors include your levels of physical activities, the amount of food you intake, or your choice in friends. Meanwhile, environmental risk factors can’t really be controlled since you can’t control the changing of the seasons or the deterioration of a home.
What is one possible short-term consequence of eating a high-fat diet? What is a possible long-term consequence?
A short-term consequence of eating a high-fat diet is the energy you gain from the food. A long-term consequence is the amount of fat you’ve taken in that can be detrimental to your physical health.
When you try to influence decisions others make about health, which skill are you using?
How does a focus on reducing risky health behaviors help the nation to achieve the broad goals of Healthy People 2010?
Reducing risky behaviors increases the likelihood of people achieving a greater age. And also by reducing the risky behaviors, people can become closer since there are no differences to divide them in terms of health.
Explain what it means to gain awareness and to gain knowledge about a health problem.
Gaining awareness means to be capable of acknowledging and recognizing the signs of a disease. Gaining knowledge means to know the symptoms and cures of a disease.
A flyer announcing the opening of a health food store is an example of
What questions could you ask to find out if a person who runs a gym is qualified?
You could ask for references and ask what kind of education they received and if they have the required degree or license.
List two reliable sources and one poor source of health information. Explain your choices.
Two reliable sources could be a doctor and pharmacist because they are both people that have a background in medical areas. A poor source would be an engineer since they are more qualified for mechanics rather than medicine.
Describe three ways that government agencies protect consumers.
Three ways that government agencies protect consumers are by testing products before they are sold to consumers, taking action against quackery, and removing unsafe products from the marketplace.
What percentage of high school students were cigarette smokers in 1998?
What was the difference in percentage of high school students who smoked and adults who smoked in the late 1990s?
What is the percentage decrease in high school smokers targeted by Healthy People 2010?
Assume the target goals for 2010 are met. Out of 500 high school students, how many would you predict would be smokers?

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