HDFS 2400 OSU FINAL ch. 9-15

Many hormones that regulate puberty follow the _____-pituitary-adrenal axis

A major influence on the age of onset of menarche is _____.

The hypothalamus and the pituitary gland regulate hormones that affect….
stress, sleep, appetite

Living in a stressful environment has been found to:
result in early pubery

The pubertal growth spurt proceeds from:
the extremities to the core. (toes before feet, feet before legs. legs before torso)

first visible sign of puberty in girls?
growth of nipples

“I’m fat,” says 17-year-old Keli to her boyfriend, who is also 17 years old. There is some truth to Keli’s statement because the average 17-year-old girl has _____ the percentage of body fat as a 17-year-old boy.

The hormone that affects Mary’s appetite and is believed to affect the onset of puberty is _____.

Emotions rule behavior for many teenagers because the _____ matures before the prefrontal cortex does.
amygdala (or limbic system)

The notion that two networks exist within the brain, one for emotional and one for analytical processing of stimuli, describes the:
dual-process model.

At which of the following ages would you expect acute self-consciousness to be at its highest?

The last part of the brain to mature for Yvonne, Jimmy, and Steve was the
prefrontal cortex.

In a study of adolescent thinking, Klaczynski concluded that….
teenagers can use logic, but most did not.

William is 15 years old. In 5 years, William will have acquired approximately half of his _____ mass.

Anne Marie is menstruating, which depletes her body of _____.

The PISA exam is intended to gauge _____ and problem solving needed in adult life

Completing high school is related to improved health in every nation and across socioeconomic levels.

Typically high school teachers assume their students have mastered _____ operational thinking, instead of teaching them how to do it.

Grades 7 through 12 are referred to as _____ education.

The _____exam is intended to gauge cognition needed in adult life.

The increase in pathology seen in adolescence could be due to puberty activating _____ that predispose a teen to psychopathology.

Since the U.S. trend toward more high-stakes testing began:
other nations have moved away from relying on high-stakes testing.

In the twenty-first century, early puberty positively correlates with
aggression and antisocial behavior in boys.

Piaget called the reasoning that characterizes adolescence:
formal operational thought.

According to your text, when _____ is conducted, testing the same people over and over as they age results in improved scores until late adulthood.

Which of the following forms of intelligence is needed to manage our daily lives?

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