"Grover Dill and the Tasmanian Devil" – Flashcards

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What is the plot?
Ralph is battling to control his inner Tasmanian Devil and is also unable to stand up for himself against Grover Dill.
What is the point of view?
The point of view is 1st person.
What is the theme?
You can’t control everything deep inside you.
Define identify.
To know or say who someone is or what something is.
Define apply.
To pay close attention (t0).
Define interpret.
To explain the meaning of.
Define evaluate.
To judge the value or condition of someone or something in a careful and insightful way.
Define analyze.
To look closely at small parts or details in order to discover meaning, essential features, etc.; to break down into components to see how they affect “the whole”.
What is the setting?
The setting is northern Indiana (extreme weather conditions) during the 1950’s.
What is the exposition?
Ralph talks about how everyone fears Grover Dill because he is a bully, and how Dill is his greatest fear.
What is the climax?
The climax is the fight between Grover Dill and Ralph.
What is the resolution?
Ralph wins against Grover Dill, and realizes his Tasmanian Devil will return once again.
Describe Ralph.
-weak and scared, but also has sparks of courage
-has an inner Tasmanian Devil
-a flat character, not well developed
-dynamic character (scared, confident, and angry, and then once again, scared)
Describe Grover Dill.
-a bully
-scares almost every kid
-runny nose
-bad leader, but effective
-flat character (descriptions are redundant)
-dynamic character
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