Gov study guide ch 6

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Which of the following best characterizes tea party supporters?
older, white, lean Republicans
Which of the following statements best captures the framers attitude towards public opinion?
Public opinion was potentially dangerous, but must not be ignored.
Straw polls from the turn of the twentieth century drew their information primarily from?
lists of experts, journalists, or subscribers to particular newspapers or consumer services
The key polling innovation introduced by George Gallup beginning in the 1930’s and absent from the straw polls conducted by the Literary Digest in the 1920’s was?
marketing research techniques
Over the course of the history of the American republic, political polling has grown more?
Which of the following cases best exemplifies the political concept of a life cycle effect?
a married couple that, after purchasing a house and giving birth to a child, begins to develop a more economically conservative viewpoint from what it had previously espoused
Which of the following examples best illustrates the political concept of a \”cohort\”?
young adults whose political beliefs have more in common with those of other people their own age than with those of their parents
Among the various agents of political socialization, which one usually has the most significant and lasting impact on individual citizens?
When they become adults, children who were raised in politically active households..
are more likely to volunteer their time for political causes than are most other citizens.
Members of which of the following religious groups are more likely to vote for republican candidates?
Which of the following statements about religion and American politics is least accurate?
With regard to race, churches are among the most highly integrated institutions in the country.
Which of the following is least likely to vote democrat?
A Mormon
Which of the following statements about the impact of education on American Political beliefs is most accurate?
Generally speaking, the American education system is designed with the hope of enacting the nation’s ideals of egalitarianism
Which of the following religious groups is most likely to vote for the democratic party?
Which of the following agents of political socialization generally have the least, or the least clear, influence on developing citizens’ political views?
the media and voluntary organizations
Which of the statements about the relationship between media and political beliefs is most accurate?
Television entertainment and television news both tend to portray government and political officials in a negative light
The political views of which ethnic groups have received the least attention from political scientists?
Native Americans and Asian Americans
The average African American voter would be least likely to support which of the following measures?
a flat tax system
Generally speaking, female citizens…
back government-based social welfare programs more strongly than male citizens
The most appropriate term for the political culture of a state that values established moral principles and accepts a limited role for government in protecting them is..
Men are more likely than women to..
favor the death penalty for murderers
Women exhibit less interest in and engagement with politics than their male counterparts; the exception to this pattern occurs..
in states having a female U.S. senator or a female governor
The most appropriate term for the political culture of a state in which an active citizenry works together with the government in pursuit of the communal good is..
The citizens of which of the following states would be most likely to express strong admiration for American military leaders?
In studying the dimensions of public opinion, what does the term \”direction\” refer to?
an individual’s preference with respect to a particular issue
Which of the following tools is less a means of gauging public opinion than a negative campaigning technique?
push polls
In the field of political polling, the relative importance that an individual ascribes to a particular issue is known as..

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