Geometry Proofs

Question Answer
A=A Reflexive Property
Figures that lie on the same line Colinear
If A=B then B=A Symmetric Property
If not hypothesis, if not P, then not conclusion not Q Inverse
Small basic set of agreed on assumptions and premises on entire structure of logic is devised Axiomatic System
If A=B and C=D the A-C = B-D Subtraction Property of Equality
Point, Line and Plane Undefined Terms
If Q then P Converse
A(B+C)=AB+AC Distributive Property
A=B then CA=CB Multiplication Property of Equality
A=B and B=C then A=C Transitive Property
Figures that lie on the same plane Coplaner
If A=B and C=D then A+C=B+D Addition Property of Equality
A=B then A can be substituted for binary equation or inequality if conclusion then hypothesis Substitution Property
A=B and C=0 then A|C = B|C Division of Property of Equality
Use Capital Letter .A Point
Capital letters endpoints only

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