Geometry – Flashcard Test Answers

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Which best describes the dimensions of a line?
A plane has two dimensions because it is a flat surface that has length and width but no depth.

Which statement is true about the points and planes?
The line that can be drawn through points D and E is contained in plane Y.

Which statements are true regarding undefinable terms in geometry? Check all that apply.
A line has one dimension, length.

A plane consists of an infinite set of lines.

Which statement is true about the geometric figure that can contain these points?
One plane can be drawn so it contains all three points.

The definition of an angle uses the undefined term

Which undefined term can contain parallel lines?

Which undefined term is used to define an angle?

Which are correct statements regarding proofs? Check all that apply.
– In a paragraph proof, statements and their justifications are written in sentences in a logical order.
– A two-column proof consists of a list statements and the reasons the statements are true.
– A paragraph proof is a two-column proof in sentence form.
– A flowchart proof includes a logical series of statements in boxes with connecting arrows.

A two-column proof
contains a table with a logical series of statements and reasons that reach a conclusion

A paragraph proof
contains a set of sentences explaining the steps needed to reach a conclusion.

Which two undefined geometric terms always describe figures with no beginning or end?
a line and a plane

Which defines a line segment?
a piece of a line with two endpoints

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