geo final practice

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PeninsulaPiece of land with water on three sides
Water covers what percentage of the earth's surface?70.78%
Droughtlong pierod of extreme dryness
As eleavtion gets higher; temperature getsaltitude
land covers about what percent of the earth's surface?29.22%
renewable resources can begrown again
elevationheight above sea level
northern and southern hemispheres haveopposite seasons
the shortest day of the year occures in what seasons?winter
valleys, mountains, plains, are examples oflandforms
largest oceanpacific ocean
what climates are hottropical
hottest temperatures on earth found at what latitude lineequator
what has the largest basin rain forest in the worldamazon rainforest
coal and oil are examples of what fuelsfossil
deforestationwidespead cutting of forests
physical geographycovers the topics related to the surface of the earth
human geograohythe study of culture
geographersstudys the earth's phiscal environment and habitat
name three uses of geographylocating, mapping landmarks, mapping dangers
regionsareas that share common characteristics
landformindividual features of land
there are how many themes in geography5
globeround reprentation of the earth
the earth has how many hemispheres4
latitude lines are what lines that run what and whatparrellel lines that run E to W
longitude lines are what lines that run what to whatimaginary lines that run N to S
absolute locationexact location
a map contains amap key, scale bar, compass rose, and a title
two examples of a general purpose map arepolitical and physical
two examples of a spiecal purpose map areclimate and resource map
graphssummurizing and precenting viually
chartsgraphic ways of presenting information clearly
pictographa graph in which small symbols reprecent quntities
climographcombination bar and line graph giving information about temperature and precipitation
in a market economy what or who make the decisions about what to produce, but in a command economy the what or who doespeople government
geographers divide the world into what regionsculture
people express their culture through thearts
what allows people to communicatelanguage
ethnic groupshare the same culture
what helps people answer questions about life's meaningrelgion
dictatorrules with absolute rule
a market economy is based uponfree enterprize
civilizations are highly developedculture
what is a local form of languagedialect
culturea way of life how people live
an economic system sets forth rules on how goods and services are produced andsold or exchanged
cultural diffusion is the process of spreading what to other culturesideas
largest continentasia
highest mountaineverest
largest lakeCaspin Sea
longest rivernile
largest freshwater lakesuperior
smallest continentalstralia
milville's absolute location39 degrees N 75 degrees S
millvile's relative locationSW of pennsylvania

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