Generalist Case Management Chapter 3

Role-based case management
a model of case management that centers on the roles and responsibilities the case manager is expected to perform.
Organization-based case management:
a model of case management that focuses on ways of configuring services that are comprehensive and meet the needs of clients who have multiple problems.
Responsibility-based case management
a model of service delivery in which case management can be conducted by family, supportive care network, volunteers, or the client.
a person who speaks on behalf of clients when they are unable to speak for themselves or when they speak and no one listens.
a role in which the case manager acts as a go-between, linking those who seek services and those who provide services.
a role which the case manager works with other professionals and staff to integrate services.
a professional who has expertise to support case management functions
Case manager role of therapist
the role of the case manager when preparing for the service or treatment the client is to receive.
Problem solver
the case manager role that assists in client-sufficient, decision making, and problem solving.
the role of the case manager in which interactions with the case manager and other professionals as well as pertinent information is recorded in the client’s file.

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