Gender Differences Analysis Essay Example
Gender Differences Analysis Essay Example

Gender Differences Analysis Essay Example

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  • Published: December 10, 2017
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Discuss how gender differences in both aggression and social connectedness are influenced by nature and nurture.

Describe and justify the approaches you would recommend to reduce the current gender differences in each of these two specific areas.Men and women differentiate in both aggression and social connectedness in a variety of ways. These ways are then influenced by the nature (sex chromosomes and sex hormones) of their gender and by the gender roles presented by their culture (nurture). This then forms the men and women presented in our societies.
Aggression by nature is more prominent in males than females. Men project aggression in a physical form (ex.

hitting, punching, etc.) rather than in a relational form (psychological and/or emotional abuse). Women on the other hand are more susceptible of projecting a relational for


m of aggression, yet their levels of aggression do not meet men’s levels. As stated previously, aggression is presented by nature through the testosterone hormone.

Although, how much aggression males portray are also linked to nurture. A man that is given high amounts of testosterone is more prone to aggression, but if the culture in which they are raised in, present a certain type of gender role into which a man is portrayed as “macho” this would amplify the nature of their aggression to fit the norm of its culture. In a culture such as this men would be also be given a strong gender identity of being male and therefore become gender typed.
Social connectedness is presented differently in males and in females. Men are more likely to struggle with separate identities (individualizing themselves), while women are more involved in makin

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connections and establishing friendships.

As children, males tend to play in larger groups, in a more competitive scene, avoiding intimate discussions. Females tend to play in smaller groups, usually one friend and in a less competitive scene, leaving in place more room for open intimate...

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