Frindle Study Guide Questions/Answers

What was the name of Nick’s school?
Lincoln Elementary School

What did Nick turn his third grade class into?
A tropical island

What friend of Nick’s learned the black bird call and also used it in class to annoy Mrs. Avery?
Janet Fisk

Who taught Language Arts to the fifth grade students?
Mrs. Granger

What book did Mrs. Granger love the most?
The dictionary

What rule was in effect at Nick house regarding homework?
‘Homework first’

According to Nick’s report who put together the first dictionary?
Samuel Johnson

According to Nick’s report how many words were in the first dictionary?
Over 43,000

What did the fifth grade class do in their class picture?
Everyone help up a pen and said ‘frindle’

Mrs. Granger made students write 100 times what sentence if they used the word frindle?
I am writing this punishment with a pen”

Who paid a visit to Nick’s house to talk with his parents?
The school principal – Mrs. Margaret Chatham

Between his two parents which one stuck up for Nick more than the other?

Who was the reporter for the town newspaper?
Judy Morgan

What was the name of the town newspaper?
The Westfield Gazette

What arrived in a brown envelope to Judy Morgan at the newspaper office?
A copy of the fifth grade picture

On what morning did the newspaper article about the word frindle appear in the paper?

What town member first filed a preliminary trademark on the word frindle?
Bud Lawrence

What was the name of the reporter with a news crew who interviewed Mrs. Granger & Nick’s famly?
Alice Lunderson

What was Nick’s dad’s name?
Tom Allen

What type of store did Nick’s dad own?
A hardware store

What percentage of profits did Nick receive according to Bud’s deal?
30 percent

How much was the first check that Bud Lawrence gave to Nick’s dad?

What idea did Nick originally keep to himself instead of spreading to others?
Making a change to school lunch cafeteria food

What surprise did Mrs. Granger received on Christmas?
She received word from the school board that a scholarship fund had been set up in her name for one million dollars

What was the name of the scholarship fund that the school board announced to Mrs. Granger by letter?
The Lorelei Granger Students Fund

What was in the package that Mrs Granger received in addition to the letter from the school board?
A beautiful gold fountain pen

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