French Revolution Test Questions

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Question Answer
a meeting by the king with all the 3 estates Estates-General
Roman Catholic Church, known as members of the clergy First Estate
The Nobles were 2% of the population and paid little taxes Second Estate
Everyone else-97% of the population and paid all taxes. Third Estate
Middle Class, bankers, factory owners, merchants and skilled artisans, paid high taxes Bourgeoisie
Members of the 3rd Estate, established a new congress to enact laws and reforms. National Assembly
3rd Estate was locked out , broke into a tennis court, didn't leave until a new constitution was written. Tennis Court Oath
Rumors spread and peasants armed themselves with farm tools The Great Fear
Weak, ignored advice to stop spending and he was the King of France Louis XVI
Those without knee breeches, shop owners that wanted even bigger changes and were with the Revolution Sans-culouttes
Execution chamber where they chop your head off. Guillotine
Deposed the monarchy, adult males can vote. National Convention
He was executed during the Reign of Terror and was the leader of the Jacobins. Robespierre
Nobles and others that left France to undo the Revolution and restore the monarchy. Emigres
They had a trial in the morning and executed in the evening. Any who was an enemy was executed. Committee of Public Safety

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