Frederick Douglass (Chapter 1-3)

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Where was Frederick Douglass born?
Why does Douglass have no knowledge of his birth date?
Slave owners keep their slaves ignorant of their birth dates
Who was Douglass’ mother?
Harriet Bailey
Who was Douglass’ probable father?
Captain Anthony
When was Douglass separated from his mother?
When he was an infant
How many times did Douglass see his mother?
Four or five times
What time of day did Douglass see his mother?
At night time
How did Douglass react to his mother’s death?
He reacted to the news of her death as he would have reacted to the death of a stranger
What does Douglass mean when he talks about the “double relation” that some slaves have to their masters?
Some slaves are the slaves and children of their masters – their masters are both master and father
Why do children of a slave-owning father and slave mother have the worst lot of the slaves?
They must face the cruel wrath of the slave-owner’s wife
What do masters often do with their biracial slave children?
They are often sold
Who was Frederick Douglass’ first master?
Captain Anthony
True or false: Captain Anthony was considered a rich slave owner
Who was the overseer on Captain Anthony’s farm?
“It was the bloodstained gate, the entrance to the hell of slavery, through which I was about to pass.” What is Frederick Douglass talking about in this line?
The brutal beating of his Aunt Hester
“It was the bloodstained gate, the entrance to the hell of slavery, through which I was about to pass.” This line is an example of which literary device?
Metaphor – comparing slavery to hell.
What event does Douglass connect with his introduction to the horrors of slavery?
Captain Anthony’s whipping of Aunt Hester
How does Frederick Douglass describe his Aunt Hester?
She was a beautiful woman
Why does Captain Anthony whip Aunt Hester?
She was not supposed to be with another slave (Ned Roberts); Captain Anthony wanted to have her for himself
Who were the members of Captain Anthony’s family?
Two sons: Andrew and Richard, One daughter: Lucretia (married to Thomas Auld)
Who did Captain Anthony work for?
Colonel Edward Lloyd
What was Captain Anthony’s title/job?
Superintendent (overseer of overseers)
What products were grown on Captain Anthony’s farm?
Tobacco, corn, and wheat
How often did slaves receive their food allowance
Once a month
How often did slaves receive their clothing allowance
Once a year
What kind of clothing did slave children receive?
2 shirts
Why was not having a bed to sleep in not considered a big problem for the slaves?
The bigger problem was having enough time to sleep
Who was Mr. Severe?
He was an overseer
Mr. Severe’s name is an example of what literary device?
Irony (Severe means cruel or harsh and he was both)
Who took over after Mr. Severe died?
Mr. Hopkins
How were Severe and Hopkins different?
Hopkins was not as cruel
What do Colonel Lloyd’s slaves call the plantation on which Douglass grows up?
Great House Farm
Which of the following is not what Douglass interprets slave songs to be?
Calls to action
What was the greatest attraction on Colonel Lloyd’s plantation
A finely cultivated garden
How did Colonel Lloyd protect his garden?
He tarred the fence surrounding it
Which slaves were in charge of Colonel Lloyd’s horses?
Old and young Barney
How many slaves did Colonel Lloyd have?
Did Colonel Lloyd know all of his slaves by name?
Did all of the slaves know what Colonel Lloyd looked like?
How must a slave answer if someone asked him about how he was treated as a slave?
Slaves must always say that they are treated and fed well
Why does Frederick Douglass say that the slaves have their own prejudices?
Some slaves believe that their masters are better than the masters of other slaves and they would often fight one another about it
” They seemed to think that the greatness of their masters was transferable to themselves.” This statement is an example of what literary technique?
Irony – the slaves fought over the reputation of their masters because that was the only form of identity that they could attribute as their own
How are Old Barney and Young Barney examples of “symbols” in Frederick Douglass’ narrative?
The father-and-son pair of slaves who maintain Colonel Lloyd’s stable represent the unpredictable and unreasonable demands slaveholders make of their slaves. The Barneys are held accountable for everything that displeases the Colonel, and cannot speak up to defend themselves or their conduct.
How is Frederick Douglass’ Aunt Hester an example of a “symbol” in the narrative?
Aunt Hester is Douglass’s aunt and a slave of Captain Anthony’s. She receives a merciless whipping from her master, accompanied by degrading slurs, because she spends time with a male slave. Douglass witnesses this beating at a very young age, and it affects him greatly. The assault was Douglass’s first view of the cruelty of slavery, as well as the irrational jealousy and sexual greed that characterizes male masters’ relations with female slaves.
” I was so terrified and horror-stricken at the
sight, that I hid myself in a closet, and dared not venture out till long after the bloody transaction was over. I expected it would be my turn next.” What literary device are these lines an example of?
Foreshadowing – Frederick Douglass hides in fear that it will be his turn (to be beaten) next. He is foreshadowing the treatment he will receive as a slave in the coming chapters.
According to Frederick Douglass, slaves sing most when they are most ______
Frederick Douglass compares the riches of Colonel Lloyd to the riches of the biblical figure “Job.” When an author references another work of literature, what literary device is he/she using?
“They seemed to realize the impossibility of touching tar without being defiled.” In this line, the word “tar” is a symbol for what?
Slavery – anyone who comes into contact with “slavery” is automatically defiled by it. In other words, slavery corrupts/stains those who continue to support it.
From what point of view is the narrative written?
First person point of view
Frederick Douglass’ narrative is an example of what type of genre?
Non-Fiction (Autobiography)

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