France’s Involvement in the Revolutionary War

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Would the Americans have gained their independence without help from the French? If it was not for the help of the French, America would have never gained their independence from Britain.

Britain was the biggest empire that the world had seen since the Roman Empire. In fact, without assistance the Americans were no match for Britain. The hatred towards the British from both the French and Americans had made it easy for them to form an alliance. In 1778, representatives of both America and France signed the Treaty of Alliance.The two countries agreed to aid each other in the event of a British attack from the present time and forever. It also stated that neither country would make amends with England until independence of the United States was recognized.

America forming an alliance with the French was significant in gaining America’s independence. Because of the donation of funds, the help from French navy and the help from the French military, the Americans gained their independence. If it was not for the loaning of French funds, the Americans would not have triumphed.Due to taxes from the British the colonists were in debt; the colonists simply did not have enough funds to support six more years of war.

If the French never leant the colonists’ money they would still be under British command to this day. The loaning of money from the French kept the colonists in the war and was the turning point of the Revolutionary war. If the French never lend the colonists money, the colonists would have not been able to continue much longer after Saratoga and would eventually have had no choice but to surrender.It is obvious that in order to win a war one must have a strong military. After fighting various battles, the American Military was weakened. Without the help of the French military, the colonists would have never gained their independence.

The colonists were no match for the powerful British Military. The French supplied ten hundred thousand troops along with muskets, bayonets, gunpowder, artillery, cash for the troops and staff officers. All of this assistance made the American win possible. With the support of the French military, the colonists quickly became a strong military force to be reckoned with.This was proven in Yorktown which was the key battle for the colonists in there hunt for independence. The French military weakened the British military and ultimately forced them to surrender.

Another key contribution from French to the Americans was the lending of the French navy. In 1781, during the Battle of Yorktown, the British were extremely out-numbered. The British Navy tried to rescue General Charles Cornwallis and his troops, but the French navy trapped Cornwallis and bombarded them with artillery. This in turn forced Cornwallis to surrender.Not only did the blockade stop Cornwallis from escaping, but it more importantly it prevented the British from getting the supplies they ordered from Britain. Without the French Navy, General Cornwallis would have never surrendered at Yorktown and the result of the Revolutionary War would not have been the same.

The Battle of Yorktown was the biggest victory for the colonists and ultimately led to the colonists resolving to form America. The colonists simply could not have won the war against a power like British without support.The aid that the French gave the colonists made it almost impossible for the British to win. Not only did the British have to match up against the Continental Army, but they had to deal with the powerful French. They provided navy, military, supplies, money, uniforms and more to the colonists.

Without the French, The Americans would have eventually run out of supplies and have had no choices but to surrender. If the French never decided to join the war and help the colonists, the United States of America would never have existed.The colonists, to this day, would be under British command. The colonists may have been fine up to Saratoga, but there was still six years from the end of Saratoga to the Treaty of Alliance. The colonists didn’t have the navy, military or money to support six more years of war.

Without the donation of funds, the help from the French Navy and the help from the French military the colonists would still be under British command and would have never become a nation.

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