Extending HTML, Introduction to Networking Essay Example
Extending HTML, Introduction to Networking Essay Example

Extending HTML, Introduction to Networking Essay Example

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  • Published: December 28, 2017
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You want to verify that the Web pages you create are compliant with an accessibility standard supported by a particular government. Which approach will verify your compliance most quickly? Validating pages using the WAC Validation You will need to use a tool provided by (or endorsed by) the particular government. Manual submission of pages takes more time and is not likely to be a service provided by the government. will help you ensure that your Web pages are compliant with an HTML standard, but will not help you determine your compliance with a government- sponsored act such as DAD.

Which attribute can you include in your HTML code to enable sight-impaired seers and users with text-only browsers to understand the graphical image content in your Web page? The ISRC attribute The alt attr


ibute of the element specifies alternative text to appear while the image is loading, or in place of the image in non-graphical browsers such as Lynx.

The alt attribute is also used by browsers for sight-impaired users; the browser will repeat image fails to load or if the user has configured his or her browser not to display images. The ISRC attribute of the element is used to specify the name and location of an image file.

What is a local area network (LANA)? A network that uses TCP/IP to connect workstations to each other A local area network (LANA) is a network that uses a switch to connect workstations to each other. It can also use a hub. Switches are more efficient than routers because they can be programmed to create a virtual LANA (PLAN) to further isolate traffic, and they

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are somewhat more secure because packet sniffing is more difficult on them. Lana allow users to share files and services, and are commonly used for intra-office communication. Lana can extend over several hundred feet and generally represent one locale, such as a corporate office in Phoenix, Arizona, U. S. A. For example.

Mobile devices allow individuals to run and access software that is hosted on remote systems, and thus these devices have been referred to as the "green alternatives" to PC's. One reason for this is because mobile devices: often use processors specifically designed for mobile devices in an effort to reduce power consumption and computing speeds. As a result of having fewer hardware components, mobile devices are often easier to use and maintain. Mobile devices usually have longer battery life because the sorority of the content and applications can be provided from cloud services.

In fact, many users regard mobile devices as "green" alternatives to PC's, because fewer resources are required to create and maintain them. Mobile devices cannot accommodate large database installations or applications such as Autocrat. Many mobile devices do not use a traditional hard disk. Instead they use a solid-state drive or even a Secure Digital (SD) card. They may have smaller storage capacity, but the use of alternative drive types and the elimination of peripherals creates a much smaller computer that has very low power consumption and heat output.

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