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As a whole, I would like to say that there are main 3 processes that they use to smoothly run the restaurant. These include taking orders, processing payments and producing management reports. Orders are taken from the customers which is then passed to kitchen staffs where they prepare and deliver the ordered foods to the customers. After that an Invoice Is prepared on the ordered food for which customers make the payments. Finally daily sales and inventory is updated to produce management reports. The figure below shows a context diagram of the restaurant showing the whole system: peg. 2 3.

Customers are given a menu which shows all the available items with their prices. The ordered item are then entered into the system before sending the order details In to the kitchen. When food items are prepared, it is delivered to the customer with the Invoice of the ordered Items which contains the diagram of order processing. A tax invoice is prepared including full details of the prices of the ordered foods and other charges like good services tax. Information about the prices are retrieved by the system from the inventory database which is used to make essential calculations.

Customers are offered to pay by cash and credit cards. When the payments are made, paid receipts are given to the customers and daily sales database is updated. The figure below shows a level 1 diagram of payment processing. Updated information collected from inventory database and sales database which is used to produce management reports like daily sales and daily expanse. These reports are used by managers to make decisions. The figure below shows a level 1 diagram for the processing management reports. The figure below shows a level zero diagram of the restaurant.

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