Flashcard maker : William Hopper
Term Definition
desert an extremely dry area
plateau a large,flat,elevated area of land
dune a hill of sand
oasis an water source in the desert
plain a nearly flat area
hill a rounded,elevated area of land
lake an inland body of water
forest an area of densely wooded land
river a natural flow of water
wetlands an area of land covered in shallow water
delta an area where a river deposits soil in the ocean
isthmus a narrow piece of land connecting two large land areas
peninsula a piece of land that sticks into the ocean
ocean a large body of water
gulf a large part of the ocean that extends into land
coral reef an ocean ridge made up of skeletal remains of tiny sea animals
coast an area of land near the ocean
canyon a deep,narrow valley with steep walls
volcano an opening in the earth's crust where lava erupts
sinkhole a circular depression
glacier a large area of slow moving ice
valley an area of low land in between mountains
mountain an area of rugged land that generally rises higher than 2,000 feet
strait a narrow body of water
island an area of land surrounded by water
bay part of a large body of water

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