Financial Management Exam #1 Formula Sheet

NOPAT (Net Operating Profit After Taxes)
NCF (Net Cash Flow)
Net income + depreciation
OCF (Operating Cash Flow)
NOPAT + depreciation
Current Ratio
Current assets / current liabilities
Quick Ratio
(Current assets – inventory) / current liabilities
Inventory Turnover
Sales / inventory
DSO (Day Sales Outstanding)
Accounts receivable / (sales / 365)
Fixed Asset Turnover
Sales / fixed assets
Total asset Turnover
Sales / total assets
Debt Ratio
Total debt / total assets
Equity Ratio
Total equity / total assets
Equity Multiplier
Total assets / total equity
TIE (Times Interest Earned)
EBIT / interest expense
Profit Margin
Net income / sales
ROA (Return on Assets)
Net income / total assets
ROE (Return on Equity)
Net income / total equity
P/E Ratio (Price Earnings)
Price per share / earnings per share
CF Per Share (Cash Flow)
Net income + depreciation / shares outstanding
Price Per Cash Flow
Price per share / CF per share
Market to Book
Price per share / book value per share
DuPont Equation
ROA = profit margin * total asset turnover
Extended DuPont Equation
ROE = profit margin x total asset turnover x equity multiplier
Debt to total capital
Total debt / (total debt + equity)
Total invested capital
Debt + equity
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