Human capital includes all of the following EXCEPT:
According to the text, employees in today’s organizations:
add economic value
Which of the following responsibilities is associated with the HR function of support for strategy?
Human resource planning and forecasting
Job Design is
the process of defining the way work will be performed and the tasks that a given job requires.
Selection is
a process that helps an organization add employees, as well as transfer existing employees to new positions.
The decision about whom to prepare for future challenges is part of which HR function?
Decisions related to training and development include:
whom the organization should invest in to prepare for future challenges.
One of the most common grievances that employees at Craines Tech have is that they do not get feedback on their performance. They do not get proper information as to how they have performed and where they need to improve. The performance goals are vague and not measurable. Which HR function does Craines Tech need to improve?
Performance management
Evidence-based HR refers to:
its objectives.
The introductory HR course in which you are presently enrolled is primarily increasing your knowledge base within which HR skill category?
Which of the following statements about the role of line supervisors in HR is true?
While an HR specialist may be on staff in smaller companies, many HR activities are carried out by line supervisors.
Ethics is:
the fundamental principles of right and wrong.
Which of the following is NOT a standard that human resource managers must satisfy for practices to be ethical?
Managers must treat employees as family.
Leadership skills relate to:
helping the organization manage change.
The fastest growing segment of the labor force is between the ages of:
55 and up.
Which of the following statements about older employees is true?
Older people are willing and able to learn new technology.
According to a recent survey of HR professionals, the most common approaches to managing diversity are:
promoting knowledge and acceptance of cultural differences and dealing with employees’ resistance to diversity
In which of the following ways do HRM practices support diversity management?
Create a work environment that is comfortable for all.
Which one of the following statements regarding workforce skills is NOT true?
More and more employers are looking for employees with solid technical skills rather than knowledge-based or interpersonal skills.
Employee empowerment is defined as:
giving employees responsibility and authority to make decisions.
Increasingly, HR professionals are being viewed as:
strategic partners.
An HRIS can be used to perform primarily all of the following EXCEPT
motivate employees.
How does e-HRM affect analysis and design of work?
Employees in geographically dispersed locations can work together in virtual teams using video, e-mail, and the Internet.
What is an HR dashboard?
A display of how the company is performing on specific HR metrics.
Independent contractors are:
self-employed individuals with multiple clients.
Which one of the following statements about the composition of the U.S. labor force during the next decade is true?
In spite of the growing number of young workers, the overall workforce will be aging.
Which one of the following is NOT true of knowledge workers?
They are younger, generally under 30 years of age, and specialize in specific skills such as how to operate particular machinery.
When two companies join forces and become one entity, it is termed a:
Which of the following is a challenge for HRM during mergers?
Compatibility of the compensation, performance appraisal, and other HR systems.
Which one of the following is NOT a way that the executive branch of the U.S. government can affect the laws that govern our country?
By passing laws that determine what is legal and illegal.
One of the criteria used to define “equal” by the Equal Pay Act of 1963 is:
The Americans with Disabilities Act:
requires employers to take steps to accommodate people with disability so that they can perform their duties without difficulty.
Which one of the following statements is NOT true of affirmative action?
Affirmative action may be either voluntary or court-imposed.
Americans favor affirmative action, especially when programs use quotas.
Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, an undue hardship is an action
requiring significant difficulty or expense.
When an individual is promised a positive outcome for submission to sex, or threatened with a negative outcome for failure to submit to sex, this is referred to as:
quid pro quo harassment
Which of the following is NOT a right granted to workers under the Occupational Safety and Health Act?
Have an employee wellness program
Under OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard, organizations must do all of the following EXCEPT
provide medical and life insurance coverage to all employees exposed to hazardous chemicals within the workplace.
Which of the following refers to an employer’s obligation to do something to enable an otherwise qualified person to perform a job?
Reasonable accommodation
In which type of case does most of the debate focus on the discriminatory consequences rather than the intent to discriminate?
Disparate impact
A bona fide occupational qualification must be:
a necessary qualification for the job.
Which of the following is NOT one of the theories of discrimination under Title VII?
Reverse discrimination
Which of the following is NOT a responsibility of the EEOC?
Writing new EEO laws
In contrast to most other EEO laws, the Americans with Disabilities Act:
goes beyond prohibiting discrimination to require that employers take steps to accommodate individuals covered under the act.
The Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978 requires employers
that offer disability plans to handle pregnancy concerns as they would any other disability.
Why do complaints of age discrimination grow when the economy is slow?
Companies try to save labor costs by laying off older workers.
Which legislative/regulatory actions are under the direct control of the President?
Executive orders
Within the College of Business and Technology at Black Hills State University, there is one dean, two administrative assistants, and 20 faculty members. How many positions are there within the college?
The process of getting detailed information about jobs is known as:
job analysis.
Which one of the following approaches would be most appropriate when gathering information for jobs that are repetitive and involve physical activity?
A job analyst visits the workplace and watches/videotapes an employee performing the job.


job analyst visits the workplace and asks employees to show what the job entails.

As a manager, you decide to design a job based on the principles of industrial engineering. Based on existing research, which of the following outcomes should you LEAST expect?
Increased meaningfulness
In which of the following scenarios will workers be less motivated to perform the job?
When the job has minor impact on the lives of other people.
How does a manufacturing organization enrich jobs for its employees?
Give employees authority to stop production when quality standards are not met.
Self-managing teams are likely to be more efficient if:
the team members can perform different skills associated with various tasks.
What is the goal of ergonomics?
Reducing the physical strain on employees.
As manager of a local grocery store, you decide to allow customers to place items on a short conveyer belt rather than requiring the cashier to bend forward and reach into the carts to retrieve the items before scanning them. This change would be in keeping with which job design approach?
If company XYZ requires its employees to be at work between the hours of 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., but allows employees to decide whether they will work their additional three hours before or after this time period, it is using which one of the following?
The objective of job enlargement is to:
make the job less repetitive and more interesting
Within the Job Characteristics Model, the degree to which the job allows an individual to make decisions about the way the work is carried out is:
Which one of the following approaches to job design entails performing time-and-motion studies?
Industrial engineering
Which one of the following activities is so important to HR managers that it has been called the building block of everything that personnel does?
Job analysis
The relevant aspects of employee performance are based on:
the outcomes of a job analysis.
Which of the following is NOT a purpose of performance management systems?
The performance management method that requires managers to rate the frequency with which the employee has exhibited a behavior during a rating period is the:
behavioral observation scale.
The performance management approach that requires managers to keep a record of specific examples of effective and ineffective performance is the:
critical incident technique
Managing the behavior of employees through a formal system of feedback and reinforcement refers to:
organizational behavior modification
Advantages of result-based measures include all of the following EXCEPT:
they are very effective in providing guidance on how to improve
The type of performance management system where a company assembles performance data on an individual from most or all of his/her contacts within and outside the company is known as:
360-degree performance appraisals
Using customer evaluations of employee performance is appropriate in all of the following situations EXCEPT:
when the company wants an inexpensive means of evaluation
If a student evaluating his/her professor at the end of term rates the professor low on all performance criteria due to dissatisfaction with the professor’s grading scale, the student has likely committed which rater error?
Which of the following in effective feedback?
“You’ve achieved 100 percent of your target in less then six months”
What can an organization do to protect itself against discrimination and unjust dismissal lawsuits?
Requirements for job success should be clearly communicated to all the employees.
Which approach to performance feedback is generally most effective?
_____ involves the ends of a discipline process, while _____ and _____ focus on the means to those ends.
Outcome fairness; procedural justice; interactional justice
Although the rate of inflation is only 2 percent, Kayla receives a 6 percent increase in salary. She is nonetheless dissatisfied with her salary increase due to Bob’s 9 percent increase. Kayla is likely to contend there is a lack of:
outcome fairness
Sam Jones was terminated from his job with no explanation of why he was let go. It is likely that Sam has NOT experienced:
interactional justice
People’s perception of _____ is their judgment that fair methods were used to determine the consequences an employee receives.
procedural justice
HR professionals can best help organizations avoid, and defend against, charges of wrongful discharge through all of the following activities EXCEPT:
designing jobs with low mental and physical skill demands to ensure low employee turnover.
When conducting a workplace search, employers can act fairly and minimize the likelihood of a lawsuit through all of the following practices EXCEPT:
using noncompany personnel to conduct the search
Generally speaking, the contents of employees’ e-mail and voice-mail messages on companies’ systems are:
not private, protected communications.
This process seeks to prevent misbehavior and to correct, rather than merely punish, misbehavior.
Progressive discipline
A progressive discipline system
communicates unacceptable behavior and responds to a series of offenses with increasing forcefulness.
Open-door policy, peer review, mediation, and arbitration are generally steps within:
an alternative dispute resolution system.
This process works only to the degree that managers who hear complaints listen and are able to act.
Open-door policy
Which stage of an alternative dispute resolution system is generally binding upon both parties?
A(n) _____ is a referral service that employees can use to seek professional treatment for emotional problems or substance abuse.
employee assistance program
An intervention designed to increase the communication and understanding of the various sets of role expectations that exist for specific employees is called:
role analysis technique
Based on the expectation that two people in conflict should first try to arrive at a settlement together, the organization has a policy of making managers available to hear complaints. Typically, the first “open door” is that of the employee’s:
Outplacement counseling programs are:
services in which professionals try to help dismissed employees manage the transition from one job to another.
Creating a formal discipline process is the primary responsibility of:
the human resource department
Which one of the following is NOT representative of the hot-stove rule?
An organization’s pay structure consists of:
the relative pay for different jobs within the organization.
A company that views employees as resources is most likely to use a(n) _____ pay rate
The procedure through which an organization compares its own practices to those of successful competitors is known as:
The administrative procedure for measuring the relative worth of an organization’s jobs is:
job evaluation
Compensable factors
are the characteristics of jobs that a firm values and chooses to pay for.
An example of a typical compensable factor is:
_____ provide the basis for decisions about relative internal worth.
Job evaluations
All of the following are true of key jobs EXCEPT:
they have many incumbents within the organization.
Since organizations want some flexibility in setting the pay for individuals in accordance with the employees’ qualifications and performance, they generally add _____ to their pay structures.
pay ranges
When organizations adjust pay to reflect working conditions or local labor markets, such adjustments are called:
pay differentials
The compa-ratio
measures the degree to which actual pay is consistent with the pay policy
Top executive pay in the United States
is among the highest in the world.
On average, out of every dollar spent on compensation, about _____ cents go to benefits.
Which of the following legally required employer-provided benefits help workers injured on the job?
Workers’ compensation
Which one of the following employer-provided benefits is NOT required by law?
paid vacation leave
The unemployment insurance program is financed largely through federal and state taxes on:
employers only
In terms of unemployment insurance, which one of the following actions is most likely to keep a company’s experience rating favorable?
Accurate human resource planning
Workers are eligible for unemployment benefits if they
have been working for at least four quarters
employer’s workers’ compensation rate is based on all of the following EXCEPT
The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 requires employers to provide all but one of the following. Name the exception.
Medical leave to any employee who has one or more years of full-time service.
The Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978 requires employers
to offer disability plans to treat pregnancy as they would any other disability.
to increasing diversity within the workplace, many employers are extending benefits to
domestic partners
Which one of the following is NOT true of the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985?
Employers must continue to pay the cost of premiums for qualified employee
The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 accomplished all but one of the following. Name the exception.
Required employers to offer supplemental retirement plans
A popular plan whereby employees contribute pretax dollars which are then matched by the employer is known as:
Section 401 (k) plans
Within a 401(k) plan, who has the responsibility for investing wisely?
The employee
Employees who have met the enrollment and length-of-service requirements to receive a pension at retirement, regardless of whether they remained with the employer until that time, are said to be:
Benefit plans that permit employees to choose the types and amounts of benefits they want are called:
cafeteria-style plans
Which one of the following statements is true of employee benefits?
Employees significantly underestimate the cost and value of their benefits.
In personnel forecasting, the HR professional tries to:
Determine the supply of and demand for various types of human resources.
Trend analysis is
accurately predicting labor demand for the next year using leading indicators
Questions such as “Where did people who were in each job category go?” and “Where did people now in each category come from?” can be answered by:
transitional matrix
Why is hiring new employees for every labor shortage not preferable?
When the shortage becomes surplus, the organization may have to lay off employees
What is the purpose of goal setting?
To provide a basis for measuring the organization’s success in addressing labor shortages and surpluses
An organization’s core competency is
set of knowledge and skills that make the organization superior to competitors and create value for customers
Which one of the following is most likely to represent a core competency for a retail store?
Having the right product mix at the right time
Which of the following options for reducing an expected labor surplus has the benefit of being a relatively fast solution, but the disadvantage of being high in human suffering?
Which of the following options for reducing an expected labor surplus is a relatively slow solution, but offers the benefit of being low in human suffering?
Early retirement
Which of the following options for reducing an expected labor surplus is a relatively slow solution, but offers the benefit of being low in human suffering?
Early retirement
Forecasting indicates your company needs to reduce its white-collar workforce in order to avoid a labor surplus in the next three to five years. Consistent with the corporate culture it wants to maintain, your company places a higher priority on minimizing human suffering than on achieving the labor reduction quickly. The options that are most consistent with these priorities are
early retirement and tetraining
A small company that manufactures special-order wood furniture has kept its employees busy on a 40-hour-a-week schedule for the past two years. The company just received the largest contract in its history from a Saudi company opening offices in the area. There is no expectation of repeat business from the Saudi company. In order to complete the contract in the required six months, additional skilled woodworking people power is needed. Under these circumstance, to avoid an expected labor shortage, the best option would be
overtime or the use of temporary employees
Which of the following downsizing objectives would help an organization increase its future competitiveness?
reducing bureaucratic overhead during mergers
Several forces are drawing out older workers’ careers. Which of the following is NOT one of them?
The acute shortage of qualified younger workers has resulted in employers offering increased incentives to older workers to remain on the job
Which of the following is NOT true of outsourcing?
Outsourcing is currently restricted to manufacturing and low-skilled jobs
In human resource management, any practice or activity carried out by the organization with the primary purpose of identifying and attracting potential employees is known as
The U.S. Army’s “Be an Army of One” campaign is an example of
image advertising
Job posting is
the process of communicating information about a job vacancy on company bulletin boards and anywhere else the organization communicates with employees
The largest share of new employees hired come from which external source?
For most companies, the first step in the personnel selection process is
screening the applications to see who meet the basic requirements for the job
The extent to which performance on a measure is related to what the measure is designed to assess is called
A selection method that is valid in other contexts beyond the context in which the selection method was developed is
the generalizable method
The degree to which the information provided by selection methods enhances the effectiveness of selecting personnel in organizations refers to the selection method’s
Which one of the following interview questions is NOT permitted under the Americans with Disabilities Act?
How many days of work did you miss in your last job because you were sick?
Which on of the following is a permissible question for applications and interviews?
Have you ever worked under a different name?
Which one of the following is a permissible question for applications and interviews?
What schools have you attended?
Organizations typically use resumes
as a basis for deciding which candidates to investigate further
Review of resumes is most valid when the content is evaluated in terms of
the elements of a job description
Should a former employer give a glowing statement about a candidate and the new employer later learn of misconduct on the part of the employee during his/her previous employment, the new employer may sue the former for
Which one of the following tests assesses how well a person can acquire skills and abilities?
How does the use of physical ability tests make the organization vulnerable to the charges of discrimination?
The tests tend to exclude women and people with disabilities
Employers should ensure that their drug-testing programs conform to all of the following guidelines EXCEPT
be routinely administered to all technical and managerial functions across the organization
Which type of interview allows the interviewer discretion in choosing the questions to be asked and generally includes open-ended questions about the candidate’s strengths, weaknesses, career goals, and work experience?
A well-planned interview should
focus on the job and the organization
What is a multiple-hurdle model?
A process of arriving at a selection decision by eliminating some candidates at each stage of the selection process.
Which of the following information should an organization include in the offer letter?
Job responsibilities and work schedule
The first step in the instructional design process is
conducting a needs assessment
What is a learning management system?
A computer application that automates the administration, development, and delivery of training programs
What is one benefit of the learning management system?
It can be linked to the organization’s performance management system to plan for training outcomes and associated rewards
What kind of a training plan are managers most likely to support?
Training that will solve a significant problem or result in a significant improvement compared to its cost
When is training most likely to have an effect on performance?
When the performance problem is resulting from lack of skill and ability
This process identifies the tasks, knowledge, skills, and behaviors that training should emphasize
Task analysis
Readiness for training is a combination of all of the following except
trainer characteristics
Benefits of establishing objectives for a training program include all of the following Except:
objectives help HR professionals identify the situational constraints within the organization.
Which one of the following statements is NOT true of training administration?
It is not necessary if the organization sends employees to outside training programs
One of the disadvantages of distance learning as a training method is its
limited interaction between instructor and students
Which of the following is a challenge with podcasts?
Ensuring that employees know when and how to use the technology
Which one of the following is NOT an advantage of computer-based training?
It provides for a highly interactive process, giving the training a personal touch
This type of on-the-job training program is generally sponsored by an educational institution as a component of its academic program and generally prepares students for professional careers
Training designed to prepare employees to perform their jobs effectively, learn about the organization, and establish work relationships is known as
Organizations provide for orientation because
no matter how realistic the information provided during employment interviews and site visits, people experience shock and surprise when they start a new job.

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