Final Review Ch. 20 (Part 2)

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Which hydroxide compound yields the lowest concentration of hydroxide ions in aqueous solution?
A. sodium hydroxide
B. potassium hydroxide
C. calcium hydroxide
D. magnesium hydroxide
D. magnesium hydroxide
What is an acid according to Bronsted?
A substance that is a hydrogen ion donor.
Which compound can act as both a Bronsted-Lowry acid and a Bronsted-Lowry base?
What is a conjugate acid made from?
a Bronsted-Lowry base
What is the term used to describe a substance that can be both an acid and a base?
According to the Bronsted-Lowry theory, water ______.
A. acts as a base when it acceprs a hydrogen ion
B. can be neither an acid nor a base
C. can act as an acid by accepting hydrogen ions
D. can accept but not donate hydrogen ions
A. acts as a base when it acceprs a hydrogen ion
What is the acid disocciation constant of a weak acid if a concentration of 0.3M gives a hydrogen ion concentration of 0.001M?
3 x 10^-6
What is the concentration of acid if the hydrogen-ion concentration is 0.001M and the acid dissociation constant is 0.000 000 1?
10^-1 M
The acid disocciation constant for an acid dissolved in water is equal to the ______.
equilibrium constant times the concentration of water.
What is the value for the acid disocciation constant for a weak acid?
less that 0.001
Which ionization constant is the largest for phosphoric acid?
the first
Which base has the smallest base disocciation constant?
A. potassium hydroxide
B. sodium hydroxide
C. calcium hydroxide
D. ammonia
D. ammonia
Which acid can be concentrated but is always weak?
A. acetic acid
B. hydrochloric acid
C. nitric acid
D. Sulfuric acid
A. acetic acid
Which of the following pairs consists of a weak acid and a strong base?
A. sulfuric acid, sodium hydroxide
B. acetic acid, ammonia
C. acetic acid, sodium hydroxide
D. nitric acid, calcium hydroxide
C. acetic acid, sodium hydroxide
Classify each as strong or weak and then as acid or base: SA, SB, WA, WB
A. sulfuric acid
B. Sodium hydroxide
C. acetic acid
D. ammonia

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