F. Scott Fitzgerald Argumentative Essay Example
F. Scott Fitzgerald Argumentative Essay Example

F. Scott Fitzgerald Argumentative Essay Example

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  • Published: December 16, 2017
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The text explores the representation of Daisy Buchanan, Myrtle Wilson, and Jordan as symbols of different stereotypes and roles for women in their time period. Daisy is depicted as materialistic and obsessed with wealth, viewing women as mere accessories without value or independence. She is portrayed as careless and insincere, unaware of her husband's affair with Myrtle Wilson. Despite her privileged background, she selfishly allows Jay Gatsby to take the blame for Myrtle's death without confessing. In contrast, Myrtle is characterized as someone who sells herself to upper-class men and desires material possessions. Jordan exemplifies a woman's dishonesty in her pursuit of success in life. These women provide insight into societal expectations placed on women during that era, revealing how far they are willing to go and what they allow to happen in order to gain money and


protect their reputation.

Gatsby perceives Daisy as a symbol of wealth and high standards due to her sophistication and affluence: "She's got an indiscreet voice," I commented."It's full of-" I paused."Her voice is full of money," he suddenly interjected (Fitzgerald, 127). Gatsby finds it thrilling that Daisy has been loved by many men in the past because it adds value to her in his perspective. As both Tom Buchanan's lover and George Wilson's wife, Myrtle Wilson belongs to a lower social class but showcases women's eagerness for success.Mrs. Wilson changed her outfit, and now she was wearing a fancy afternoon dress. As she donned the dress, her personality also underwent a transformation. Her laughter, gestures, and statements became increasingly affected with each passing moment (Fitzgerald, Chapters). The dress symbolized wealth for Myrtle and gave her the confidence t

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act as if she belonged to the upper class, even though she was married to a gas station owner. "I told that boy about the ice." "I met interesting people!" "You have to keep up appearances and tell them all," (Fitzgerald, Chapters). Myrtle believed that pretending to be snobbish made her seem elegant but only revealed her true self: vulgar, common,and deceitful woman.

Daisy's friend Jordan Baker played golf competitively and was depicted as a selfish, dishonest, and beautiful woman. She was described as being "incurably dishonest"and unable to handle being at a disadvantage. However,the narrator easily forgave her dishonesty because it was seen as a trait in women that shouldn't be heavily condemned.Jordan cheated in her first golf tournament by moving her ball from a bad lie and consistently twisted the truth. Surprisingly, when Nick discovered her deception,it actually pleased him as he felt he had special insight into her character that nobody else possessed

In spite of Jordan's behavior, she favors self-reliance and avoids relying on any man in her life. The novel showcases women treating their men differently, yet a shared theme is their emotional distance from them. These female characters exemplify the evolving roles of women in the 1920s as they pursue independence and contemplate the idea of the American Dream. Conversely, women are also depicted as susceptible and easily controlled by men, willing to go to great lengths to meet the unattainable expectations established by the American Dream.

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