Extraordinary day Essay Example
Extraordinary day Essay Example

Extraordinary day Essay Example

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  • Published: September 26, 2017
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It started out as any usual day. Harry got up had some breakfast and was just about to wake up his wife Claire, he walked up the stairs and he stood in front of the open door to the bedroom when the door suddenly slammed into his face.

He turned around and saw that the window had opened and the wind has shut the door, yet he doesn't remember opening the window. The work he did he loved so much, he was a businessman and worked in San Francisco. But today, it wasn't his day. He was still thinking about how the door had slammed in his face, when the phone rang.It was his wife asking why he didn't wake her up. Then he realized that he hadn't gone into the room after the door had been slammed and she missed her


coffee morning talk.

She gave him a whole lecture on how un-responsible he was and that he didn't care. Harry tried to explain his experience but she just wouldn't listen. At work he was overwhelmed with paperwork and he just wasn't in the mood of doing any of it. After what had happened in the morning he couldn't concentrate anymore and his whole day at work was ruined.

When he finally got over what had happened and told himself that it wasn't a sign and that it just happened he was ready to start his paperwork. Then his office door opened and all his paperwork scattered on the floor. Now he was about ready to explode, he let all his anger out on his client who just wanted to ask him a question. There

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was a feeling inside him that made him feel miserable, all he wanted to do is see his wife. Harry didn't know what overcame him but he just left his office, which he loved very much and drove home.

The fact that Claire was mad at him he couldn't stand it, he had to do something.When he got to the front door, he was reaching into his right pocket where he usually has he keys, but they weren't there. The pocket had a whole in them and they must have fallen out, now he was standing in front of his own house without a key and his wife mad at him. He rang the door bell but no one answered.

Then he looked through the window in the door and realized there was another pair if shoes, man's shoes. His heart jumped a beat when he thought about the impossible, no one is answering and there are men's shoes in the house.The door vibrated as he pounded it with all his anger and yet no one answered. Then when he finally gave up and realized it was no use. Then when he tried twisting the doorknob he realized the door hadn't been locked. The house, was very quiet, no lights were on.

He could hear himself breathing. As he walked up the stairs to the bedroom the floor squeaking, it was almost like the scream of a pig when it gets slaughtered. When he passed the window that had been blown open in the morning it was open again after he had shut it. At the end of the corridor where their bedroom was the

door was wide open.As he turned the corner into the bedroom he heard noises. The unthinkable hit him.

His wife and his neighbor were in bed together. Completely shocked he couldn't move and when his wife so him she said: "You were suppose to be at work dear. " His neighbor just ran out as fast as he could and when Harry entered the bedroom he slammed the door. Claire didn't know what to say.

They both just looked at each other no one broke the silence. He didn't understand why he didn't scream at her but he had this weird unusual feeling in his stomach the whole day and it just wasn't normal.He didn't have anything to say to her, and as he left the bedroom she got off her bed and ran after him. When she reached the door, it slammed in her face and knocked her down. She realized what had happened. This started out as a strange day for Harry, he felt sorry for his wife and all she along she was with her neighbor at home while he was working.

He still doesn't know how those doors slammed closed, but what he does know that the pain inside him was never gonna subside. The doors never shut on him again.

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