Exam 1 Set 2

The first digital computers were built during World War II for ____.
code breaking
The modern definition and use of the term computer emerged in the ____
An electronic component that can be programmed to perform tasks is a ____.
A named collection of data that exists on a storage medium is known as (a) ____.
The master controller for all activities that take place within a computer is ____.
the operating system
An ordinary personal computer that is connected to a network is a ____.
A compute-intensive problem runs on a ____.
Digital devices can use ____ as a code to represent character data
ASCII, extended ASCII, or Unicode
You might represent ____ using character codes.
Social Security numbers
1,024 bytes is a ____.
The ____ in machine language is a command word for an operation such as add, compare, or jump.
op code
The ____ from an instruction specifies the data.
The ____ is the part of the microprocessor that performs arithmetic operations, as shown in the accompanying figure.
A ____ is a series of characters that becomes a person’s unique identifier
PIN code, password, or User ID
In terms of an authentication protocol, the phrase ‘something a person possesses’ could refer to ____.
A problem a hacker can cause after breaking into your computer might be ____.
applying for credit in your name, applying for a mortgage using your data, and sending embarrassing e-mails
Password management functions include all of the following EXCEPT ____.
recording keystrokes
The ____ is the case that holds the computer’s main circuit boards, microprocessor, memory, power supply, and storage devices.
system unit
Gaming computers typically include ____.
very fast processors, lots of memory, and state of the art sound capabilities
A technology called ____ allows the processor to begin executing another instruction before it completes the previous instruction.
RAM can be thought of as the ____ for the computer’s processor
waiting room
The ____ is the amount of data that a storage device can move from the storage medium to the computer per second.
data transfer rate
Storage capacity usually is measured in ____.
gigabytes or terabytes
Hard disk storage technology can be classified as ____ storage.
A hard disk ____ is a flat, rigid disk made of aluminum or glass and coated with magnetic iron oxide particles.
Which of the following is an example of a rerecordable optical storage medium? BD-RE, CD-RW, DVD+RW or all of the above?
all of the above
Which is the highest resolution? SXGA, VGA, WQXGA, or SVGA?
A(n) ____ printer can print on both sides of the paper
Which of the following is tracking and recovery software? LoJack for Laptops, WebAngel, STOP, or Laptop Location System?
LoJack for Laptops
A ____ is a device that not only provides surge protection, but also furnishes your computer with battery backup power during a power outage.
Which of the following would NOT be true of computers priced higher than $1,200? These computers contain one or more fast processors,These computers have a generous amount of RAM, These computers do not adequately support video editing tasks, or These computers are likely required by anyone working extensively with video editing
These computers are likely required by anyone working extensively with video editing
System software is designed to accomplish ____ tasks.
Software considered to be utility software is ____.
the Windows operating system
Adobe Reader works with files stored in standard ____ format.
____ utilities alter a user’s interface to create an accessible environment.
An example of software most commonly associated with productivity software is ____.
word processing software
In the accompanying figure, the items marked C represent ____
To find a particular record or group of records in a database, you use a(n) ____.
Popular presentation software products include all of the following EXCEPT ____.
Movie Maker
All the following are examples of portable applications EXCEPT ____. Firefox, Filezilla, Thunderbird, or Microsoft Internet Explorer.
Microsoft Internet Explorer
A service pack ____.
provides updates for the operating system
To get rid of software you no longer want from a PC, you ____.
Indicators of pirated software include all of the following EXCEPT software that ____. 1.has photocopied software manuals
2.has CD-ROMs with handwritten labels
3.is downloaded
4.is marked as an “academic” product, but not purchased through an authorized dealer
is downloaded
A shrink-wrap license goes into effect as soon as you ____.
open it
As shown in the accompanying figure, a(n) ____ is a legal contract that defines the ways in which you may use a computer program.
software license
The item shown in the accompanying figure is ____.
displayed onscreen when you first install software
During product activation, you must ____.
enter a product key
A ____ is any software that can automate a task or autonomously execute a task when commanded to do so.
The term rootkit refers to ____.
software tools used to conceal malware and backdoors
A virus signature is a ____.
section of program code used to identify a known malicious program
Tom owns a small company and is purchasing a software license for his company. He originally had to purchase a copy of each piece of software for each of his employees. However, one of his friends told him there were other types of license agreements. Tom has come to you and asked for help in deciding what kind of license is right for his company
One of Tom’s employees told him about a ____ license that goes into effect as soon as you open the packaging.
Network service providers include ____. at&t,verizon, sprint, or all of the above.
all of the above
The accompanying figure represents the connection of your computer to the Internet; the router marked A should belong to a(n) ____.
The octets in an IP address correspond to a ____.
Network Class
____ is a valid top-level domain.
DNS cache ____ has been used by governments to keep citizens away from Web sites that supply politically or culturally inflammatory information.
You need your own domain name if ____.
you have your own website
Technical management of the Internet’s Domain Name System is coordinated by ____.
DSL uses ____ to transmit data.
phone lines
____ currently offers the fastest Internet access speeds.
Cable Internet service needs ____.
circuitry to handle Ethernet protocols and a cable modem
____ wireless Internet service is designed to offer Internet access to homes and businesses by broadcasting data signals over areas large enough to cover most cities and outlying areas
____ computing depends on a grid of servers, storage devices, and protocols that offer Internet-accessible computing services ranging from consumer-level media sharing to office productivity applications and complex corporate data processing.
To set up free VoIP, you and the people you communicate with can install free VoIP clients such as ____.
The accompanying figure is a screenshot of FileZilla, in which the ____ file will go to the location pointed to by box B.
With BitTorrent, as more computers request the file, they become part of a ____ that uses peer-to-peer technology to exchange file pieces with each other.
Network services such as the Web, ftp, and e-mail operate from ____
____ are intended to work within LANs to monitor and direct packets being transported from one device to another.
The accompanying figure represents a virtual private network. In this figure, A points to ____ data.
One important security precaution when connecting your computer to public networks is to install a(n) ____.
office suite
Tom is currently using dial-up for his Internet connection but he believes it is too slow for his needs and ties up his phone line. He is looking for an alternative and has come to you for help.
Tom wants to know what kind of service to opt for if cable Internet service is not available, or proves slower or less dependable than expected. You tell him the next choice would be ____.
Sally often travels for her business. She needs a way to access the Internet while away from home. She has come to you for help.
You describe WiMAX to Sally. You tell her ____.
you can use the same provider for home and mobile use, you must get a “day pass” to use WiMAX if you are outside your home, it is great and that there is wide coverage,or all of the above
all of the above
Sally often travels for her business. She needs a way to access the Internet while away from home. She has come to you for help.
Sally has heard that cellular data service has poor quality. You tell her ____.
that it depends on the generation of technology being used
Harry is concerned about Internet security. He knows very little about the subject but does know it has been in the news a great deal lately. He needs your advice.
Harry’s daughter has a personal VPN. He has decided he wants to be current and wants one also. You tell him
that it would provide extra security if he intends to use public Wi-Fi hotspots
In the URL found in the accompanying figure, .htm is the ____.
file extension
In the URL found in the accompanying figure, www.cnn.com is the ____.
Web Server Name
All of the following are currently popular browsers EXCEPT ____.
Netscape Navigator
A ____ enables a Web server to keep track of your activity and compile a list of your purchases.
HTML ____ are used to display a question and a box into which you can enter an answer.
A search engine’s ____ looks for your search terms in the search engine’s indexed database and returns a list of relevant Web sites
query processor
A(n) ____ keyword is entered into a header section of a Web page when it is created and is supposed to describe the page contents.
In addition to using search engines, you can also find Web-based information using a(n) ____ engine that searches a series of other search engines and compiles the search results
When you purchase a textbook online from a site like www.amazon.com, you are participating in ____ e-commerce
____ e-commerce occurs when businesses sell to governments.
____ is similar to POP3, but it leaves messages on the server until you specifically delete them.
To use local e-mail you must install e-mail ____ software on your computer.
In a classic Webmail configuration, messages are sent immediately and thus a(n) ____ is not needed.
Webmail allows you to use a(n) ____ to access and view your e-mail messages.
An e-mail message in ____ format can include graphics in addition to a wide variety of fonts and font colors
When working with ____ mail, make sure your antivirus software is checking incoming messages
____ may pose a threat to your computer’s security and/or your privacy. Flash cookies, Ad-serving cookies,Web bugs, or all of the above
all of the above
When you view a page infested with a(n) ____, an HTTP set-cookie request automatically goes to a third-party server, which may set a cookie on your computer for later retrieval or record your IP address.
Web Bug
A tradeoff to the anonymity offered by anonymous ____ is that they tend not to operate at the same speed as your regular browser.
A(n) ____ is a type of utility software that captures unsolicited e-mails before they reach your inbox.
spam filter
Amelia tells Mark that when he enters a URL in his browser’s Address box and presses the Enter key, a communications process begins. The domain name contained in the URL leads to a Web server that his browser contacts. The browser opens a socket and connects to a similar open socket at the Web server. Then the browser generates and sends an HTTP message through the socket. The server responds by sending back the requested HTML document through the open sockets. At this point, Amelia tells Mark, the final step in the process occurs. What is this last step?
The server closes its socket and the browser closes its socket.
Jessica likes to participate in B2C e-commerce, but recently has had a number of friends who have had problems shopping online. She wonders if it is safe to shop online and just how much she is compromising her privacy by doing so. Jessica is justifiably worried about the security of the personal information and credit card information she regularly supplies while shopping on the Web. In addition, she knows that merchants who market goods and services over the Internet sometimes secretly gather information and provide it to advertisers or other interested parties.
Jessica has an always-on connection to the Internet. She has read about IP addresses and knows that some Web sites can track them. She would like to surf the Internet anonymously to protect her privacy. How can she do this?
use an anonymous proxy service
Melissa has decided to obtain an e-mail account. Although she plans to use the e-mail account to communicate with her many friends, her main purpose in establishing it is to aid in the search for a job. She has a list of e-mail addresses for a group of potential employers. Melissa intends to e-mail her resume, along with a general message, to each of them. She will use the same message for all recipients
Melissa is planning to travel a great deal in the coming weeks. She will not be taking her computer with her, but knows that the hotels she will be staying at have business centers with Internet-enabled computers. She plans to access her e-mail account every day so that she can quickly respond should she be contacted by a prospective employer. Which one of the following account types should she use?

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