Ethics in Pracrice: Drink Specials?

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Chapter One Business, Society, and Stakeholders “Ethics in Practice Case” Drink Specials? 1)There was no type of ethical standards that the employees were living by when they committed this action by reporting alcohol spills that never really occurred to begin with so that they could provide free drinks to whomever they pleased. I do feel that the “Entitlement Mentality” was at work here with some of the employees. The employees were required to report any and all alcohol spillage during the shift they worked.

By making them even report any spills I believe some of the employees felt entitled to be able to report drinks given away as spills (since it was a natural occurrence that could have really happened and was something that the managers trusted the employees to report but didn’t really closely monitor). 2)If I was an employee at this establishment and I saw this situation occurring and knew it was not being properly reported as instructed I would (without hesitation) report it immediately.

I would report this so the business could recover or not lose any further losses, not be involved or be blamed for any involvement when and if the situation was to ever come into question, and to get rid of the dishonest and unethical coworkers. If asked to take a “spill” for the team I would not respond or acknowledge that the question was even asked. This was I would not have any implication or be questioned as to why or why not I would or wouldn’t take the “spill”. )If a manager confronted me about the excessive spilling (before or if I had not already reported the issue) I would tell the truth, but in no way would I feel it would be ethical to protect or lie for other employees. I would feel that it would be more unethical not to tell the truth and continue letting the company lose money due unethical and dishonest employees.

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