Essay on Interior design

Modern Day Interior Design

When people think of Interior design, Images of perfect looking rooms in beautiful homes often come to mind. Certainly, some well planned Interior designing took place to create such a beautiful venue, but modern Interior design Is not Limited to the most exclusive and expensive homes. There Is a real function for Interior design as […]

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Research Project Outcome Interior Design

The focus of my Research Project was to investigate interior designer through the process of designing my client’s, Diane and John Brickwork’s, rumpus room. I chose this topic because I would like to become an interior designer, thus this project enabled me to gain insight into how an Interior designer works, as well as the […]

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Trends in Interior Design

TRENDS IN INTERIOR DESIGN Just like fashion and our dressing, the modern Kenyan home is a far cry from what it was in the previous century. Some of the trends of previous decades had taken such firm root and it seemed they were here to stay but as the saying goes here today gone tomorrow. […]

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Interior Design and Staging

In this research, six aspects about Interior Design and Staging include the Origin of interior design, interior design and staging, designing process, education and training, professional organization, and my mentor information. Basically the history of interior design is quite uncertain. According to the article “Interior Design History”, “Nobody really knows for sure how the history […]

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Decorative arts

Decorative arts are traditionally defined as works in ceramics, wood, glass, glass, metal or textile. The field includes ceramics, furniture, furnishing, interior design, and architecture. The decorative arts are often categorized in opposition to the “fine arts” namely painting, drawing, and photography, and large scale sculpture. Some distinguish between decorative and fine arts based on […]

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