Essay on Human Evolution

Human Evolution

Human development is the evolutionary procedure taking up to the visual aspect of modern worlds. While it began with the last common ascendant of all life. the subject normally covers merely the evolutionary history of Primatess. in peculiar the genus Homo. and the outgrowth of Homo sapiens as a distinguishable species of hominids ( or […]

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The Discoveries at Olduvai Gorge

At the gorge louis leakey found fossils, bones, stoneartifacts, and cavepainting and studied them. He published monographs on the social customs of the Kikuyu people of Kenya and the string figures, comparable to cat’s cradles, made by people in Angola. He believed that the behavior of monkeys lead to the evolution of ancestors. he had […]

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Africa as the Cradle of Man: Evaluating the Evidences

There are many claims in scientific discussions that Africa is indeed the cradle of man. In essence, this pertains to the fact that the humans have indeed originated from Africa and have simply moved out of the continent through various means and at different points in time.

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