Essay on Crime scene

Crime Scene Preservation

Crime scene preservation should be the most important step to any first responder. This protocol should continue to be followed by anyone who processes the scene. From the moment the first responder arrives at the scene, he/she should exercise a pertinacious attitude to insure that curious onlookers and personnel who are not involved in a […]

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Criminal Investigation Procedures

The use of collection of the evidence is critical for a case to be successful. A case can rest on the evidence collected at a crime scene and the evidence collected from statements recovered from the police in interviews. The police use many methods in order to construct an interview one of these include the […]

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How does Crime Scene Investigation : Las Vegas, give the audience watching it pleasures?

CSI although partly being classed under the genre of police drama cannot be truly classified as this, because although it is revolved around the police world, It does not follow the tradition of a police series. A normal police series would follow you average police man/force. CSI follows the almost “behind the scenes” processes of […]

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How to Start a Crime Scene Cleanup Business

As A Whistle will provide residential and commercial cleaning services of trauma scenes, crime scenes and residential biohazardous cleanups. The principal officers of As A Whistle believe there is a lack of service providers and thus a lack of competition in this field and have observed poor training of employees in those companies that do […]

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Crime Scene Investigation as a Career

Crime Scene Investigation as a Career Elisa White Everest College, Online Crime Scene Investigation as a Career I have always liked the idea of solving things. In my hometown we have had some unsolved missing persons. This struck a nerve with me; I went to school with one of the people that are missing. The […]

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New York vs. Donna Osborne

The Osborne’s at the time of the murder were currently married and were living together the night of the murder. At the crime scene there was Clint Osborne found dead with two 9 mm bullet wounds. One in the heart and one going through the aorta. Reported the Mr. Osborne died 2 minutes after the […]

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Firearm and Crime Scene

The NIBIN is The National Integrated Ballaistic Identification Network. What is rifling? What two types of markings does this produce? Rifling is the spiral grooves cut into the barrel of a gun in order to make a bullet spin as it is fired. The two types of markings that rifling produces is grooves and lands. […]

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