Essay on Commerce

E Commerce at Yunnan Lucky Air

Yuan is one of the most attractive tourist destinations of Southern China, the airline attracted a lot of customers and started producing profits within just three years of its inception. This huge success was the result of a viable strategy of the company that Included Just one type of airplane to reduce maintenance and costs, […]

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E commerce Assignment

The number of Internet users Is expected to Increase by 5% every year. E- commerce has become an economic phenomenon that broadly affects the production, exchange, distribution, and consumption of products and services all around the world. China is one of those countries that it is still adjusting with its new development strategies, and still […]

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E commerce and culture

Findings suggest that there have been some changes towards individualism while at the same time there is an increase in the uncertainty avoidance of e-commerce users In Cyprus. Keywords: Culture; E-commerce; Hefted 1. 0 Introduction The increase in the internet usage overall and the increase in the e-commerce activity world-wide continues. For smaller nations, such […]

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E Commerce Analysis

Even today, some considerable time after the so called ‘dot com/Lenten revolution’, electronic commerce (e-commerce) remains a relatively new, emerging and instantly changing area of business management and Information technology. There has been and continues to be much publicity and discussion about e- commerce. Library catalogues and shelves are filled with books and articles on […]

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Explaination of Barter, Trade, Commerce & Business

Exploitation of Barter, Trade, Business BY nonhuman Explanation of Barter, Trade, Commerce & Business Commerce & Barter : The act of trading goods and services between two or more parties without the use of money. Bartering benefits individuals, companies and countries that see a mutual benefit in exchanging goods and services rather than cash, and […]

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Impact Of External And Internal Factors Commerce

Tesco, a UK based retail shop and selling concatenation store is the biggest retail store in footings of planetary gross revenues and market portion. Since introduced in 1919, Tesco has widened its concern worldwide and offered about everything in their big graduated table concatenation store. Through acquisitions and franchising it has reached to about 250 […]

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Role of a Commerce Teacher

For teaching any subject effectively first of all teacher should be clear about its general as well as specific objectives of each topic/concepts because this will only help the teacher in selecting the appropriate approach and method of teaching according to the content. So for teaching commerce effectively teacher has to be thorough with the […]

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Online Enrollment System

The School of Accountancy and Business Management has long been known for it’s disorganized process of enrollment. For the past years, students have been experiencing the same problem during semestral enrollment. There are instances when they are not able to enroll property nor they get the subjects they are supposed to have. Often times they […]

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Customer Analysis of Netflix

Netflix has a wide range of customers, “23 million” roughly from teenagers all the way to senior citizens (Knee J. A). The primary customers are the primary users, but one Netflix account isn’t jut automatically for one person it could be a family who uses it, or even a household of college kids. Being an […]

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