Essay on Buying Homes

Transaction Cost Analysis

Transaction Cost Analysis as Framework According to TCA, a transaction is the transfer of goods or a service and the analysis of transactions emphasizes on achieving efficiency in their administration (Rindfleisch & Heide 1997). Firm is a particular form of organization for administering transactions between one party and another and is characterized as a managerial […]

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How to be a wise buyer

In any industry there are two parties. The consumer and the marketer. The Consumer is the 1 who is willing to purchase merchandises. where the Seller is the party willing to Sell merchandises. The two parties are really different and some times differences may originate between the two. The undermentioned paragraphs will explicate A. What […]

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Six Blocks To Utility On The Buyer Utility Map

Blocks to Customer Utility There are six blocks to utility on the buyer utility map. The first lever that is mentioned on the buyer utility map is customer productivity. This lever can increase the customers’ productivity by helping to do things faster, better, or in different ways. It tells how the customers’ productivity is affected […]

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