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Realscam Ponzi Buster Forum Under Attack From Banners Broker

It seems like the crooks from Banners Broker, a Ponzi scheme which has been exposed by Realscam and currently in the process of collapse, are pretty bad loosers. Realscam has been under DDoS attacks several times during the past weeks and at this moment they are still under attack. Until now it was not clear […]

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Does it prove that Haig did not care about the lives of his man

Source A is an article published in national newspaper by Haig month before the offensive had started (June 1916). This source paints Haig as very cold hearted man. From his writing we can get an impression that he does not care about life of his soldiers, as he says that nation “must be taught to […]

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Jaws – 1874 words – College

Peter Benchley’s novel Jaws was inspired by the Jersey shore shark attacks in 1916. The 1975 horror-thriller was directed by Steven Spielberg who was a very inexperienced director as this was his first major film but he proved himself to be a quality director. This was also the first ever film to utilise the “wide […]

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Jaws – 1694 words – College

Jaws is one of the most famous films ever made. It was described as “the nation’s no. 1 best-selling book now the screen’s super thriller”. Some critics even said it “changed the nature of cinema”. Jaws was directed by Steven Spielberg. It is set on the Island of Amity – a tourist destination in the […]

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Fatima Rahim Miss Smith

(b)Using all the sources and your own knowledge, asses the view that popular unrest was the main cause of the fall of the monarchy in August 1792There is evidence that does support the view that the main cause of the fall of the monarchy in August 1792. Source B describes the manner in which the […]

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Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary

& A ; lsquo ; Critically discuss interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary attacks to feature and exert scientific discipline within the professional experience undertaken in term 1. Support your replies with relevant literature and theory ‘ The progress in athleticss professionalism and the increasing strength of competition has made a scientific attack to feature critical to monitoring […]

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Jaws – Analysis

Analyse the ways that the director builds suspense and tension in the film. Comment on the techniques that the Director uses to scare the audience in the film.The film we have been studying is called ‘Jaws’ it was directed by Stephen Spielburg. The movie is set in a town called ‘Amity’; it is famous for […]

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Rattler Diction

The Rattler Diction The speaker in “The Rattler” conveys that difficult choices are made in life to test one’s morals and actions in a situation. He does this by using diction to deliver a sense of respect for the rattler and equality between the man and the snake. The speaker wrote this story in order […]

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Why a Peaceful Woman Carries a Gun

Linda M. Hasselstrom made a very convincing argument in her essay, A Peaceful Woman Explains Why She Carries a Gun in the book Patterns for College Writing. Hasselstrom strongly believes women should carry pistols to defend themselves from being attacked or raped. She learned that any female can expect to be criminally assaulted, and women […]

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