Xu Naiji: An Argument for Legalization

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The Opium War is normally taken first and primary as the first event of China’s modern history. The Opium War of China, beginning in 1839-1842, have set a big impact turn in China’s long history and in its relationship with other dominant countries in the trade world which very well been the most humiliating defeat in china’s history. The modern Chinese sense of complaint over the war was reinforced by the obvious facts that opium smoking was harmful and that Commissioner Lin’s effort to repress the opium trade was the instantaneous event for battle.

Yet given the name, the Opium War was not about Opium. It was either between the clash of two cultures, or about Britain’s desire to expand their trade. The war could have very well been fought over any substance, even rice! Throughout history, it seems as though we base countries base their success on the saying “the bigger the better”. No country will ever stop trying to be greater than they are.

Chinese government had begun to dig themselves a hole that they couldn’t get out of, and they more internal conflict that was hidden under the surface, the least amount of time it would take for another country to swipe them from the top. Due to the lack modern technology, economic effects of expansion lack of support of the people, and in turn lack of protection from the government and its leaders, Chinese doors were forcefully and suddenly opened to the modern world and ultimately crashed.

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