Travelling by Sea Essay Example
Travelling by Sea Essay Example

Travelling by Sea Essay Example

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If you have never taken a cruise before, here are tips that will make your trip more enjoyable, less frantic and organized. Lately, there are more requirements that cruise lines require like completing immigration information before the cruise. It is important that you have two ID forms. You must either have a travel passport or a birth certificate. You must also carry a photo ID like a driver's license. Print these papers after you have made a final payment and take them with you when you check in.

We always try to fly in the day before the cruise departs. This is not mandatory, but it eliminates panic about flight delays or missing luggage concerns. If you do arrive the same day as departure, allow ample time to get from the airp


ort to the dock. You must be checked in at least one and a half hours prior to the ship's departure. You also need to allow sufficient time on your return flight. It is suggested to choose your departing flight by 1:00 in the afternoon. Attempt to arrive the day before the departure of the cruise line.

This is not necessarily mandatory but it does eliminate panic about flight delays. You will be assigned to one of two rooms on board. They are called a"Stateroom" or "Cabin". There are two kinds of accommodations on board. They are called state room or cabin. They both have the same meaning. Choose wisely. If you or someone in your family is claustrophobic, do not choose an inside cabin, as they are small with no windows. Try a cabin with a porthole. Balcony cabin

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are also a good alternative as they are usually bigger.

If you are with your family, most new ships have cabins that are family friendly. You cabin will include very nice amenities that will make it seem more like home. These include private baths, refrigerators, large closets, phone and TV. Sea sickness should not be a concern for you. The newer ships now have stabilizers that keep the ship from rocking side to side. To be on the safe side, pack medicine like Dramamine in your bag. You can also purchase over the counter medicines in the Sundries store on board, after sail away.

Luckily, sea sickness is not a huge concern for people who suffer from motion sickness anymore. Modern ships have what are called stabilizers. This eliminates the rocking motion which sends people staggering around green from sickness. If you should have sea sickness anyway, retreat to your cabin and lie down with a cold washrag over your head or neck. No cruise is complete without fine dining. Dress up and go to a fine dining establishment where you can sit at the same table and be served by the same waiters every night. You can even enjoy 24 hour room service.

Be mindful of tipping guidelines which vary When you are packing, bring comfortable shoes. This is very important because you will do lots of walking. Do not forget to take medications, plenty of clothes, a swimsuit and your travel documents in a small bag that you can take with you. This eliminates the anxiety of waiting for your belongings to show up in your cabin. Above all, have

fun taking advantage of the many activities that they offer there. Get a massage at a massage parlor, go work out at a fitness center, and go relax by the pool.

You can even watch movies, go rock climbing, go skating and more! Also, do not miss out on the shore excursions. If you are bringing your children, take advantage of the activities for kids. Every cruise line has a children's program. These are usually grouped by age. Take advantage of the baby-sitting service available. You will have to pay, but it is worth it if you and your spouse/partner would like to steal away and enjoy the nightlife on board. Whether you are going for an anniversary, a get-away, or a family vacation, a cruise line is a great destination.

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