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The Navy Boot Camp Life helped to mold me, and influenced the person I am today. My decision to join the navy was a goal I pre-meditated attending high school. Growing up I have been a follower at times , and a leader at times, when making wrong decisions, good decisions, and not so smart decisions. Until that day I decided, today on August 1, 2008, was the day I take matters into my own hands. I have found out that in life it’s all about second chances. The motivation from my peers and recruiter allowed me to be in the United State Navy.

On the 26th of November 2008, I went to boot camp in Great lakes, Illinois. The winter weather was freezing cold and it snowed the whole time during boot camp in Great Lakes. That day I will never forget coming off the bus. First, the navy RDC made us line up in a straight line at an attention, in addition to screaming at us telling all to look forward, “eyes forward” they call this 100 yard stare in the Navy. Next, They were checking to make sure we didn’t bring anything illegal on to the base. The first day was the checking in process. We all just filled out boring administration paper work.

In the navy during boot camp the first seven days are call P-days, the process of becoming a recruit, going through physical health assessments and doing medical screenings. They put the males in one room and females in another room. They told us to strip down in to under garments and put all the civilian belonging in a box. Then we all were instructed to write an address to where we could ship the clothes back to.. Also during the next couple days of P-days, I was getting sized and fitted for my uniforms, I would have to wear as a recruit. The P-day week went by fast and during the end of it we got our flag our division.

The first time in my life I was on a schedule from hell. The only schedule I knew was a school schedule and a work schedule. I was waking up at 4 o’clock almost every morning taking showers out in the open, with a 5 minute rule to use the shower and get dressed. I never had used a shower less than 15 minutes, I really thought the RDC(recruit division commander) was crazy. How was I suppose to take a 3 minute shower? Hey! if you had to take a shower with other naked females in front, on the side of you, you will take 5 min shower. Sadly to say, the best thing about being in boot camp was the breakfast food.

We were eating three times a day, but the down fall of that was we had to eat fast. When the last recruit sat down after getting his food we all had less than 10 minutes to finish. During the next several weeks I was going to class learning about military bearing, and military ethics. We did PT (Physical Training) three times a day for the next several weeks. My division was a female and male unit, but we all looked fatigued and stressed. The females looked as if a toddler did their hairs and the males looked like bald ,old, stale men after finishing our exercises.

During the last couple of weeks of boot camp we finally got to go to Ricky heaven, the Navy NEX store. That’s where they let us go for a couple of hours to eat pizza hut, call back home, play games and buy item that we needed. Unfortunately before we were only allowed to let one to four people go to the store for 30 people that needed something all the time. Just thinking at one point I was depending on someone else to bring back what I needed for the entire time in boot camp. I was proud on the day I finished battle stations and I earned my midnight blue navy ball cap.

I had to go through events real life scenarios. I had to endure rescue swimming, tying up a ship down, and putting out ship fires. It was a long 24 hour night and day that took teamwork and dedication. At the end of battle stations everybody that finished earned a Navy ball cap that day, while they played “I am proud to be American,” at attention saluting. the American Flag. I was standing there proud that I finished boot camp and now I am a United States Navy Sailor. The day I graduated my family came to support me while they watched my division march in.

Finally, we stood about four hours ,but its seemed like forever. I was watching people pass out and drop like flies from standing up so long. After the Graduation we were allowed to go with our family for that day until 8:00, 20:00-military time that night. After a few days I received my orders(destination place) to a duty station. I was more than ready to be the best sailor the United States Navy has seen. The experience showed me the management tools and skills that were needed in any workplace of choosing. Now looking back at boot camp I understood what it means to have honor, courage and commitment.

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