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During his journey Hugh Twycross undergoes changes that make him a better person. Discuss. Hugh Twycross learns to make his own decisions and he develops new mature relationships, which make him a better person in the end of the novel ‘Swerve’. Hugh experiences ways of life that are different from his parent’s way of living, in which they are protective of his life. Hugh wasn’t someone who would speak up for himself especially when his parents had his future planned out and he wasn’t able to change anything.

When Hugh met Poppy (a grandfather he never knew he had) his world turned upside down. Hugh discovers why he has love for cars and Holden; which was inherited from Poppy but wouldn’t admit to his parents. Hugh learns through this experience to always appreciate what he loves the most rather than doing what others want for him. Hugh used to be judgmental towards people, but throughout his journey he realised that judging people wasn’t the right thing to do. This shows how Hugh criticises people and for example thinks some girls are skanks. “The skanks go to the nearby TAFE-run high school.

They don’t wear uniforms, they’ve got tattoos, their hair is dyed all sorts of ridiculous colours. ” (pp. 9) Hugh learns to respect people for who they are even if they have different hair or go to a different school. Hugh learns to respect people more nicely than calling them “skanks”. Hugh develops mature relationships with Poppy, Montana and Bella, which shows that he has changed into a more confident person. This showed when Hugh first asked a girl Montana, out on a date for coffee, when he had a chat with her to try and get the Monaro back after it was towed away.

Hugh wasn’t that type of a person who would ask a girl for a coffee as he was known as the nerd whom he called himself an “erd’ or ‘ner’. “Not like Zed Squared or Randy Sandy Candy are total nerds. I’m more like a ner or an erd. ” (pp. 5) Hugh develops from being a “ner” to a whole new person who was able to talk to girls confidently which shows he has matured and in control when he speaks to girls so he has become a better person. In the novel Hugh only wore clothes his mother chose.

Poppy described him as a member of the Young Liberals and not more like a teenager “My aim is to see if I can make my grandson look less like a member of the Young Liberals and more like a teenager. ” (pp. 39) This happened when Poppy and Hugh entered the wide main street of Bathurst into a shop which was called Hurfords Menswear. Hugh’s mother bought most of his clothes from designer stores like Country Road. Hugh took his chances on trying all the different clothes and he was able to pick clothes that were different from what his mother usually got him.

This changes Hugh to a better person because he’s more confident with the clothes he picks. These experiences during the road trip have made Hugh a better person such as; from being a nerd to someone who is experienced with relationships, not judging people and learning different ways of life and also learns to make decisions on his own. The road trip had been a whole new experience for Hugh which helped him to become a better person. On his journey Hugh became a better person and it helped show him a different view on life he didn’t have before.

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