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Smoking is a common habit in most American campuses which results from influence of peer pressure. Many university students smoke cigarettes or marijuana from their area of residence. A big percentage sees a lot of pleasure and prestige in smoking without considering the side effects of that magic stick. The habit of smoking is very addictive making it hard for a student or any other smoker to quit such habit immediately. I am a prominent supporter against smoking in campus because of three major consequences associated with smoking.

Smoking has health, social and budget repercussions on campus students. The three major reasons are the subject of the discussion and this may help a student or any other smoker who has been addicted to smoking. First and paramount reasons for supporting banning of smoking on campus are health complications that results from smoking. Smoking is a health hazard and even it is clearly indicated on the cigarette packet that smoking is harmful to human body. Students who smoke take the risk of health complications such as cancer, lung disease, heart attack and stroke.

Many students have lost their lives as a result of lung disease and cancer from heavy smoking. Banning smoking on campus by the administration will help to reduce the negative effects of smoking and safeguard a bright future for the young generation. Campus life exposes students to a lot of freedom and this is an opportunity for students to try what they have never tried in life (Rivers Clayton P. , 1997). Most of the students start smoking and it makes it hard for such students to stop the habit even in future. A number of students end up with health complications that result to death.

Banning smoking on campus is a very critical step that safeguards the health of future leaders. Cancer is a very dangerous disease that results from smoking and a student with such a condition spends most of his or her time at hospital. The time a student is in hospital the rest of the students are in class doing constructive work and at the end of semester the student performs better. Smoking of cigarettes or marijuana is harmful to the health of a student and thus banning such habit will safeguard our young generation from killer diseases.

The student should maintain good health while at college so as to concentrate with studies and achieve good results. Another strong point for supporting banning of smoking on campus is the issue of social implications on the life of students. Students at campus have the freedom to make friends and engage in social activities such as games, drama and going for movies. In addition, university is a place that collects students from different backgrounds. Students who are not careful end up engaging in bad groups that introduce them to smoking.

A student who had good morals starts to change the way of life and engages in drug taking. The social life of such a student begins to take another direction which is unpleasing to the parents, family members and the entire society. The habit of smoking in addition, can make a student to engage in other bad habits like alcoholism and drug trafficking which changes his or her social life (Kramer Martin, 1994). Smoking on campus should be banned so as to allow students follow their morals and create diligent friends whom they can rely on incase of any problem.

Parents teach their children good morals and once the students abandon such teachings he or she may be cursed and fail to succeed in life. Thus smoking in campus should be banned to avoid confusion of students in their life. Smoking is a very expensive habit which affects the small budget of students at campus. Students are supported by their parents or the government while at school and this means that they are allocated a proportion of money necessary for their sustenance. Students who smoke thus have an enlarged budget as compared to non smokers (Mccabe Nelda C. 2009).

Buying cigarettes is very expensive and makes it hard for students to budget on basic needs so as to fulfill their desire for smoking. Other students end up with habits of borrowing from their friends which is a very bad habit. Students who have been addicted to smoking have a very big problem of managing their money because they should smoke on daily basis which is a little bit expensive. In the event a student may not have money to buy cigarettes he or she steals from others so as to smoke.

Banning smoking on campus will help to reduce chances of students stealing from each other and ensure peace prevails in areas of residence. Conclusion Banning of smoking on campus is a very necessary and critical step that will see the life of many students change for the better. University administration should come up with policies and measures that will prohibit students from smoking. Banning of smoking will ensure studentā€™s health is protected from killer diseases. This will enable them concentrate in books thus improving their performance.

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