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The movie Rudy is very inspirational. In this movie a teenage graduate has the dreams of going to Notre Dame college/university. If he was accepted Rudy always had the dream of being on the Notre Dame Football team. Rudy’s decision making, goal setting and personal values and morals help him fulfill his dreams of playing on the Notre Dame Football team.

To fulfill a dream like this Rudy went through many hard times with some very hard decisions. Rudy made decisions like taking tours to Notre Dame; this got him one step closer. After a while finally Rudy has a talk with the Notre Dame priest. They both discuss about decisions Rudy might have to make to fulfill his dream. One decision Rudy made was to finally apply to the college. With the risks of not being accepted this was an important decision. Rudy gets rejected three times. With a fourth try Rudy is accepted. With the decision making he’s made he is closer to his dream.

Rudy knows that getting on the football team is not going to be easy but with his goal setting it is easier for him to see the future. Some examples of Rudy’s goal setting are when he strives for good grades; Rudy knows with low grades he won’t get accepted into Notre Dame. Once moving to Notre Dame Rudy makes one step closer to being on the team by getting a job assisting the football field janitor. To focus on getting on the team everyday Rudy works out by running, stretching and many more things. Rudy had many goals on his way to his final dream/goal.

Along such a long road of trying to get on the football team Rudy has many personal values and morals that keep him grounded. One value Rudy has is friendship. When his best friend dies Rudy continues his dream of trying out for the football team because his friend always believed he could do it. Also a personal value and moral Rudy has is making sure people are proud of him. When Rudy gets accepted into the college the first person he shows is his father. Making his father proud is one of his most important thoughts. Succeeding is also an important thing in his life. When Rudy’s hard work pays off and he makes the football team he sees he has succeeded at his goal. Another thing Rudy values is having role models. In this book Rudy has many role models like the janitor, football coaches, and football teammates. Thanks to Rudy’s personal values and morals he is able to stay grounded through a hard journey.

With such a hard journey Rudy finally fulfilled his dream of going to Notre Dame college/university and playing on their football team. Making the team with hard work and great support from teammate’s encouragement Rudy plays in the final football game. When playing Rudy wins the game. He could not have fulfilled his dreams without decision making, goal setting and his personal values and morals to keep him grounded. This is why the movie Rudy is so inspirational.

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