Essay on “An Open Swimmer” by Tim Winton
Essay on “An Open Swimmer” by Tim Winton

Essay on “An Open Swimmer” by Tim Winton

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  • Published: December 8, 2017
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Australian environment address key themes and issues in society? By Tempore Life is a journey, in which one’s character is shaped by the experiences they encompass, and their life choices are affected according to the nature of these experiences. The environment a person has been exposed to and can relate with, also influences one’s disposition and determines essential qualities a person may bear.

Messages of a text are often unclear at first glance, yet through the incorporation of key elements of the Western Australian environment, many assuages are reveled to us that shape our understanding and interpretation of a text. In An Open Swimmer by Tim Winston, Winston uses elements of the Western Australian Environment to address key themes and Issues present within our lives, and Influence our pollen on them through the conveying of Important messages.

Window’s Incorporation of the Western Australian environment Into the novel alms to relay significant messages that reflect his pollens on life primarily that risks have to be taken at some stage in life to achieve our full potential and in doing so discover ho we truly are. Through elements of the Western Australia environment used in the text, many messages are conveyed to educate us on the journey of life. There are many aspects of the environment that reflect messages and alter perspectives of readers within a text.

These particular aspects usually link issues present in the lives of readers to events in the novel and educate us on the text’s meaning.

In An Open


Swimmer it is made evident through particular aspects of the Western Australian environment that at some stage during our lives, we will discover our true character and achieve greatly If we take risks. It Is through these risks that what kind of person we are Is defined, and what we value In life Is brought to the surface. “Keep trying;, boy. You ‘ad the wrong fish.

Spear an open swimmer, they’re the ones. Cave fish see nothing’.

‘ (Pig 160) The open swimmer is used to represent the life Jerry longs for and the true potential he possesses, along with the pearl inside its head showing Sera’s true nature, one of beauty and willingness to achieve something more in life, rather than settle for a life of little significance. Sera’s inability to take risks in life led to him not realizing certain aspects of his own personality and pursuing alternate paths In life that would bring him fulfillment. She gasped as he levered her mouth off, flung her aside. Groping for the faraway ere exemplification of Sera’s sheltered nature is key to relating spoilt opportunities that arise as a result of this, and promotes individuals to pursue these opportunities so that fulfillment can be realized. The “kettle screaming” further highlights the severe lack of Judgment made by Jerry, and by individuals in society, reinforcing this EAI that risks must be taken in order to become whole.

It is interesting that this idea of taking risks can be relayed through the serenity of the open sea, and the chaotic city to show Just how important novels are i

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conveying messages to readers on different aspects of life. Nothing particular novels, many messages are revealed opinionate the relationships surrounding families and how they should be viewed. By means of incorporating ‘arioso rudiments of the environment, messages can be related to the lives of readers and influence our opinion on the value of family. An Open Swimmer is filled

Ninth crucial messages about family, and Just how important it is to keep it together rather than allow relationships within it gradually drift apart through carelessness. Into attempts to accomplish this through using elements of the Western Australian environment and in particular, the beach, which is a common component of Western Australian lifestyle.

The sand, which companions the beach, reflects an essential factor contiguous with family relationships. ‘When you looked closely at the sand, it was not really white, but a motley of gold and black, after a time, the black became dominant. Pig 35) A representation of a ruined family is evident, as Winston implies the struggle that accompanies a degradation of family tightness and attempts to manipulate us to realize Just how important the aspect of family is throughout life. The use of the beach throughout An Open Swimmer is linked very closely with the concept of family in the life of the main character, Jerry, as many events and experiences have taken place in the beach environment, becoming part of who he is and what he hopes to be.

The beach acts as a kind of wedge between himself and his family, as he grew part from many relations because of events taking place in the beach setting. Sera’s father for instance, forced Jerry into situations that he didn’t want to be in or thought he could sort out himself, and Jerry begrudged his father for it.

The death of Auntie Lowell also took place on the beach, racking Jerry with waves of negative emotions and further resenting his actions and the actions of those around him, plunging him into despair and forming a rift between himself and those he cared for. …

Saw the open slit reflecting green on the backs of his hands. Scars of old slashes gathered…

She wanted him to say something nice because nobody did anymore. But she wasn’t her… He hated himself..

. He was no different from others taking advantage, helping to destroy… ” (Pig 96) This further highlights the impact that particular events can have on the rest of lives Nee connect particular elements of the environment to feelings and emotions felt at the time of the event, influencing the actions we take during future decisions in life.

It is therefore important to put the past behind us, and step boldly into the future by hosing our own paths so that we become the people we truly want to be.

There are many stages we undertake throughout life, that involve high emotional strain and difficult choices. One of these phases is the transition into adulthood, Inch we all experience in some way or another. The transition taken into becoming an adult can sometimes be a treacherous and sensitive phase.

A text

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